Sunday, March 17, 2013

WIWS: St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from this Irish family to yours!

The girls and I spent about 6 hours shopping yesterday!  We bought Ellie's First Communion dress, a couple Easter dresses, a few new shirts, and I got this green cardigan.  Most of our purchases were from the one and only Burlington Coat Factory!

And I can finally fit in my black slacks again!!!  I can't say I've had the healthiest weight-loss program; I definitely don't recommend what we call the "diet flu."  And not sure if those results will last, but hey at least I can start fitting in some clothes without having to hold my breath or having to unbutton the waist!  Another strategy I'm trying is called "don't eat 4 or more donuts in one sitting."  I know it sounds obvious to many people, but I haven't been very good at the virtue of self-control.  Hey, it really works!

The black polyester tee is way old but has stood the test of time.  The slacks are from Lands End and I wore my Born clogs.  Necklace and bracelet once again courtesy of NeNe and black earrings from Kohl's.

I need to take a picture of my cute Irish family today!  Boys are in green polos and girls had some green accessories.  We even got to bring the gifts up at mass!  I was hoping to host a St. Paddy's Day dinner again this year, but it just wasn't going to happen.  So I was happy to learn that there will be a St. Patrick's Day Party to also celebrate our new Holy Father this evening at church :)

Father had a great homily where he spoke a little about what we are feeding our minds with.  We need to be feeding ourselves positive input with spiritual reading, quality shows and literature, showing beauty to our children.  I've also been convicted the past few days of my need to improve in the emotional attitude I have towards my children.  I need to be more responsive to their emotional needs, and overall more positive and encouraging.  I need to work on eye contact as well as physical affection, especially with the girls as they get older.

I read a lovely article about one of my favorite people, Fred Rogers.  In some of those video clips, and really on every one of his shows, he was focused on encouraging children and making sure they knew they were loved just for being themselves.  Sometimes I worry that I'm failing at that, especially with one of my children who I can be very hard on.  I'm not naturally a sensitive person, so this is something I can strive for.  This week, I'm going to try to give them more of my attention, more of my affection, more love, and more interest in what they're doing and learning and asking.  Taking a moment to look at their art project or tower of blocks or castle of dirt shows them that I care about who they are and what they do. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week with your little loves, too.  May God help us all to be better examples of His love to our children.

St. Patrick, pray for us!
St. Joseph, pray for us!
Mary Queen of the Family, pray for us!

Go and see more ladies in green over at Fine Linen and Purple!


Shannon said...

Congrats on the slacks! I get the diet flu every few years, and it does wonders for the use of my skinny wardrobe.

Thanks for the reflection regarding time with children. Even though we only have one, we still have to stop and put purposeful thought behind the energy we give to him each day.

Jen M said...

Love the jewelry! The diet flu I would not recommend, but boy it does work! :( hope you are all healthier!

Say Holt said...

The matching jewellery is awesome and I love the splash of colour the cardigan brings! And I'm a big fan of the no more than 4 donuts diet!

Rosie said...

LOVE that jewelry! I'm a huge pearl fan :) And there's nothing wrong with loving the diet flu a little bit - at least some good comes out of the misery!

I recommend donut holes over donuts, if you can - you can eat a lot more of them and still not equal 4 donuts :P

Unknown said...

Yay for slimmer slacks!! I love it when that happens. You look great and as always your accessories are fabulous!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

That color is so great on you. Wear it daily!

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