Friday, March 29, 2013

a very Good Friday

Ah, so good for us, this Friday that Our Lord gave his life.  It didn't feel somber today, but joyful and hopeful.  There isn't a 7 Quick Takes link-up today, but I'll list 7 joys of this Good Friday:

1. I got to sleep in without feeling guilty.  Steven was home and kids were sleeping and not needing me.  Steven made biscuits and brought them to me in bed.  I had a really hard time getting out of bed!

2. Steven worked hard on the house and yard today.  He went out and bought some mice bait so we hopefully won't come home to a houseful of mouselings!   He also did a ton of yard work and figured out our sprinkler system!  The yard looks fantastic.

3. I made a delicious potato soup, if I do say so myself.  The last one (for our big house blessing dinner) turned into mashed potatoes, so I was happy that this came together as a real soup.  We brought it to our potluck at church this afternoon, which I claimed as the "best spread" our group has had in a long time.  It didn't seem like a sacrifice!

4. I've gotten most of the packing done, and some cleaning too!  Looks like weather during our trip ranges from the 40s to 80s, including rain, so it's not easy to pack for!  The kids suitcases are lined up and ready, and now I just need to pack my own.

5. We didn't make the Stations of the Cross at church at 3, because I was packing and cooking and Steven was working in the yard.  But I asked everyone to stop at 3, and we prayed the Stations on the back porch.  A nice little family moment recalling Our Lord's Passion.

6. We had a lovely afternoon with our friends at church.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids played and made their own coloring contest and obstacle course.  Steven took the boys home at 7, while I went to the Veneration of the Cross service with the girls.  I was so glad to be able to attend one of the Triduum services, and what a gift to be able to go up and kiss the cross of Christ.

7.  AND THE BEST PART OF THE DAY....Four of our family members got to go to Confession, including Ellie for the first time!!!  What a blessing to experience the healing power of that sacrament on the day that Christ died for us.  I'm so proud of my girls for the faith that they are taking as their own.  Slowly the knowledge we are passing down is taking root in their hearts as they form their own relationship with Jesus.

And now, if I could just get this toddler on a better sleep schedule!  This is the 2nd night this week he has fallen asleep at 7, and then woken at 10 happy and ready to play!  AHHHH!  At least I have had some company while packing.  But I'm going to have a rude awakening tomorrow morning.

Thank you Jesus, for dying on the cross for me.  Thank you for my loving family, my kind friends, our friendly parish, and all the other little things that allow us a comfortable life and a faith that can be nourished each day.

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