Thursday, March 07, 2013

Theme Thursday, "Piles"

I'm posting this from my phone since my computer has been my main method of occupying sick children this week. We are in the throws of a nasty stomach virus. It's been a week and only one child has made it through; 3 are still sick. And it's not pretty.

I'm praying and hoping that somehow Steven and I will be spared from this madness. I don't know how I've made it this far considering the amount of bodily fluids I've handled! So I have no good photos this week, but here are a few Instagram shots at the "Piles" around here.

Most blog-linkers are saying they're too embarrassed to photograph laundry piles today. But I don't care. This is my current reality....sick kids watching Netflix, dirty laundry, and clean laundry covering the living room! Just be glad I'm not offering photos of the other kinds of "piles" that have been around here this week!!! I might be banned from joining "Theme Thursdays" forever!

Find links to photos of much prettier piles here:

And I'm LOL that I keep typing "pukes" instead of "piles!"


Unknown said...

Your couch and my couch are pile twins. Only I don't have an excuse for it other than laziness.
Wait- is "lazy" an illness?

Hope you stay healthy and those babies heal up soon.

Rebekah Es said...

Blair, those piles look all too familiar to me! I feel for you, hopefully this will all be behind you and your little ones soon!

Rosie said...

Hehe my basement couch is covered with piles of laundry, too - some day they will get sorted!

Micaela Darr said...

Thanks for not being too embarrassed to share! Makes me feel lots better.

:( So sorry your kids are sick. I'll pray you and your hubby avoid it, and that everyone gets better quickly.

NonDomesticMama said...

Hooray for laundry piles. Boo for sickness.

I have a laundry pile on my couch right now that has been there over a week now. We keep moving it from the chair to the couch and back depending on where we want to sit. Really need to put those away tomorrow...

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Another laundry piler checking in!

Abbey @ Surviving Our Blessings said...

My laundry is all over the living room floor this son called it a "mountain of all mountains" and tried to climb down it from the sofa. I'm so glad you have laundry piles, too. (and crossing my fingers you stay healthy!)

bobbi said...

I'm taking a breather from all my laundry to come check out yours. :-) I hope your little ones feel better soon and you and hubs are spared!

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