Wednesday, July 04, 2018

My 40th Birthday!

(Feb 2018)
This was a big birthday for me! And I got a whole week of celebrating since some of the kids were sick. We'd planned to go to Waco for the weekend, but instead stayed home and moved our trip to the next weekend.

Went to mass on my birthday with my girls, while the sick boys stayed home.
Here we are in our floral dresses at BJ's restaurant for a birthday lunch with my parents

Loved this pic of a Costco visit during my bday week. 
Churros always make the little ones happy!

Steven's family has started a tradition where 
they mail the birthday celebrant a whole bunch of cards! So fun!

Flowers from Steven

Finally the next weekend we took a day trip to Waco,
two of the K girls came along!

Lunch was at a fun diner where kids meals were served in cars

Then we were off to the Cameron Park Zoo,
Starting in the gift store, as you do?

I failed to mention this day was FREEZING COLD
and most of us weren't really prepared.
We spent lots of time in the indoor exhibits!

A few pics from the big camera...

Then it was off to Magnolia Market for a little shopping 
and some delicious treats from the bakery!

The next night I finally had my birthday dinner a week late, 
at the Black Walnut Cafe. A special evening with some wonderful ladies.

And my big gifts came a few weeks later...
A beautiful print of the Visitation from my dear friend Veronica...
and a diamond ring from Steven!
We had decided on just a gold band for our engagement, 
so this was a very special 40th birthday gift almost 17yrs later.

I was feeling very blessed for FORTY WONDERFUL YEARS!

Washington DC Trip Day 8

Day 8 was our last full day in DC.
We started off packing up our room for our early flight the next day.
Then we were off to the Air and Space Museum Annex in Chantilly, VA.

We stopped for lunch at Chipotle

And somebody got some McD's too?

The viewing tower was really cool

So many planes!

Space Shuttle Discovery

Then we found a local spot for mass before heading over to visit my friend Karyn.
She and I were good friends in high school,
and now she lives in VA with her husband and three boys.
They served us a delicious dinner and the kids all had a blast playing at their new home!

This was a really special family vacation. We got to see friends and family, religious and national landmarks, participate in the pro-life march, and meet families from our homeschool program. And it sure felt like a major success to have made it through such a big trip with six kids! Thanks for following along!

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