Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Girls

Mary Clare started a tap/ballet class today at a nearby Christian studio. Notice Ellie with the fop-fops (flip flops), blankey and signature two-finger suck. She missed her nap today (and is now napping at 5:10, yikes!). Mary Clare had a wonderful time and likes it even more since her sweet friend from our homeschool group is in the class with her. They looked precious!

Mary Clare has a new thing she likes to play. She calls it "secret ingredient" or "my special recipe". It consists of finding random things around the house and mixing them together in some sort of bowl. They are usually left in strange places around the house. For awhile I kept finding hair shampoo and conditioner mixed up and left in bathroom cabinets or her toy kitchen oven. Now those are stored up high so we don't run out! One night she had Ellie eating a strange concoction of baby rice cereal with water and all sorts of pepper and seasoning. Yuck!

A few days ago I found this:

It's a toy teapot with crushed up Pringles potato chips mixed with syrup...yum!

Right now she is making something with this:

This delicacy includes vegetable oil, water, raisins, butter, and various seasonings. I just checked and noticed she has a second bowl filled with flour and green sprinkles! But the funniest part was watching her talk about what she was making. She was calling herself "Rachael Ray who makes 60 minute meals". "Doesn't this look delicious? I can't wait to taste a bite of this. You won't believe it!" she says. Maybe she'll be the next Food Network star. Forget about ballet class, maybe we need to find her a cooking school!

And my other little angel, who sleeps soundly right now, has been doing all sorts of new things and saying all kinds of new words. She is slowly learning to pronounce certain things like "water" more correctly (wa-dor, instead of wa-wer) and is saying the sweetest little prayers blessing all our family members. When we are saying prayers or at mass she says "Son, Hoey Pirit" for the sign of the cross and loves getting holy water from the font! Today we were headed to ballet class and I was asking MC if she was excited. Ellie said "Eh-ie cited, Mommy hab baby in tubby. Pe-dor!" (translated, Ellie excited, Mommy have baby in tummy. Peter!)

Well, my little ballerina/chef/acrobat is jumping off the printer table so I better check out for now!

Oh and we had a beautiful mass this morning offering it for all our special baby intentions! Thanks for your prayers. Little Augustine, pray for us!

Memorial of St. Augustine

Today is the memorial of St. Augustine and the day I want to keep as a memorial of our unborn baby who we lost just a couple weeks before being blessed with our newest life. We are going to try to make morning mass (in less than an hour and the girls are still asleep!) and remember him in our thoughts and prayers today.

Today I also have on my heart several friends (real and online) who I want to offer this day for. First of all for all expectant mothers and those who desire the blessing of new life. I will also ask St. Monica (St. Augustine's mom who's memorial was yesterday) for prayers as she was such a faithful prayer warrior for her son through his wayward life. I will ask for prayers for mothers whose children have fallen away from God and from the Church. I cannot imagine the pain of wondering about your child's soul. Thanks be to God our two here on earth are baptized and will be raised in the Faith, and our two in Heaven we entrust to God's mercy.

I also want to lift up Jen from "Et tu?" who is a Catholic convert from atheism and will be welcoming her third child in three years today! I will be praying for our friends Matt and Stephanie and their son Athan who are on my heart. They are the ones who lost their 2 year-old daughter Mary Clare last summer to SUDC (Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood). Stephanie sent me a link yesterday to a contest for the Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year contest in which the co-founder of the SUDC foundation, a Catholic mom who lost her Maria Helena 9 years ago, is in the Top 10. She has been a gift to Stephanie in her grief, as well as many other families who have lost their children in such an unexpected and unexplainable way. Please consider voting for her to help bring more awareness to their cause. So for them and all mothers who mourn the loss of their children, I pray.

And for our own unborn baby, thanks to God for this blessing of new life, and in petition that he keep him safe from harm that we might meet him this Advent! Thank you all for your prayers today!

Monday, August 27, 2007


to Veronica and Enrique who just had "the" ultrasound for their newest blessing! We are so excited to share our pregnancies...only wish it weren't across such distant shores (actually she's been in Texas for almost three months now and we have yet to see each other!). Looking forward to our real life "Visitation" moment in the coming weeks!!!

Now here's a Schoolroom!


All I can say is....wow.

Saving Your Blog?

Just wondering if anyone has saved their blog to their hard drive or printed it out? I don't want to lose any of these precious memories, especially since I've yet to get pictures in an album since before Ellie was born! Thanks for any advice!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Sunny Saturday in Texas

is a profitable day for a Lemonade Stand! Mary Clare was begging to have one all week, so today was the day! Somehow the girls braved the heat for about 45 minutes and got about 6 customers. I think this will be a continuing venture for the sisters!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The "Big Kid" Museum

Yesterday our homeschool group took a field trip to the Natural Science Museum satellite at our local mall. We've been to the Children's Museum a lot, and I wasn't sure how the girls would do with all the bugs and dinosaur bones, but they had a GREAT time! Here are some highlights:

Ellie checking out the roaches

Australian hissing cockroaches!

They weren't so sure about the big stuffed animals

But amazingly did like most of the dinosaurs! We had a great guide for the dinosaurs, VERY engaging for the young ones! Here's the T-Rex.

Another dinosaur

Of course they loved the toy area! This is one of those marble things.

We went to dinner last night with my parents and aunt. Here's MC w/ my mom and aunt

And I loved this one of Ellie with the sunset behind her!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Schoolroom is ready!

Just about! Just need the new books and a few other supplies, and maybe a few things on the wall! But here's how it looks...MC said she feels like we're in a different house!

The table is cleared and the calendar is finally on August!

I've moved all the baskets of supplies, flashcards, little games, paper, coloring books, etc to their own shelf!

The bookshelf has also been cleaned out and organized (I need to sell about 100 children's books that I've boxed up!).

And finally my favorite...my teacher desk!

And here are my little students who woke up yesterday wanting to paint!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Ordered!

I was thrilled yesterday to discover that all the remaining homeschool materials we needed could be found through Rainbow Resources, along with some added math manipulatives! So my order is in, and now all I have to do is wait for it's arrival and get our homeschool room ready! I'd also like to thank sweet friends Lillian and Christina for their advice in various Mother of Divine Grace, Singapore Math, and other homeschool questions...don't worry, I'll keep them coming!

On the clothing front, I have sorted through much of the 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothing and have about 4 large boxes of those sizes to pass along. So now comes the big 6-12 month sort-a-thon which should begin today. And then finding takers for all the extra clothing I can't use, much of which is still in great condition!

And in other continued news, Orpah the Odyssey (our minivan) is back in the shop once again! She'd been away for about a week and a half for her ongoing transmission issues (now through a different repair shop, but the same chain so we don't have to fork out any more money!). When she arrived back home she had some strange screeching noises during left-hand turns and while breaking, and her "signature" check-engine light decided to light up once again! Hopefully this will be a quick hospital visit for her, since we're not very good at staying home for days on end. At least I'll get some things done around here...

A little praise report that we had a wonderful trip to the "swan" pool yesterday without any diaper incidents!

Off to start our Tuesday,

But first to share some recent news from some of my favorite blogs:

Veronica got to see a possible Eucharistic miracle!

Michelle delivered her little girl Maria Victoria at home less than 2 weeks ago and she's already attended a wedding, a boating outing, and gone out to a restaurant. Way to go, Michelle!

Andrea also had her baby girl Colette that week and then made a cross country move after being released from the hospital! Congratulations and way to go, Andrea!

Colleen's Jonathan started kindergarten yesterday!

Melissa's family made the local newspaper!

Rachel sadly lost her title in the Supersinskiad games to her husband. She also has some great posts about "getting greener" that I'm sure some of my more "crunchy" friends will appreciate!

Jessica's Carlee Scott has successfully moved to a big girl bed!

Alice and family are having tons of fun in California!

And Rachael made it through her first month after losing her precious 5 yr-old Hannah in a drowning accident (Warning, this is a beautiful, but very sad blog that can get addicting and tear-jerking, but a wonderful message of hope in tragedy as this mother shares her story and daily emotions after losing her daughter. Please pray for them.)

Hope you all have a wonderful and (as Hannah would say) sparkly week!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just in case...

...you were concerned that after 2 girls we would be struggling to obtain clothes for our baby boy on the way.

Take a look:

Two clothing deliveries today, one from Aunt Jill bringing things from the triplets, and tonight a delivery from my friend Cynthia. Don't worry, this little boy will be well-dressed! Not to mention the fun extras like blankets, booties, a breast pump, a Baby Bjorn, and 2 swings. We are set!

Thank you so much Paige, Winn, and Cynthia (and Jill for being the deliverer)! We really appreciate your generosity.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Homeschool Planning

(edited to add links!)

It's been a busy week with visits from priests and friends, a few meetings and classes, and a quick visit to a big state homeschool conference down the street! The forecast says rain again, but the sky looks clear and blue...We're trying to decide whether to venture to the pool. You just never know in Texas, and I'd hate to get all ready and then arrive only to rain and a closed pool. We'll see... (Edited to add that although the forecast said rain all day, it didn't rain until almost 4pm! We should've tried the pool! But we did go buy a baby shower gift and the girls had tons of fun looking at everything in Babies R Us!)

I've been trying to organize our homeschool room and figure out exactly how and when I want to start this new school year, hopefully the beginning of September. Mary Clare is still only 4 1/2, but I think she's ready for some more formal lessons and kindergarten materials. We will probably try to do about 3 days of "school" each week for an hour or so, once I get everything ordered and my room somewhat organized! Here's what I'm planning so far, mostly using Laura Berquist's Mother of Divine Grace Curriculum (as well as all the kindergarten and first grade materials I have from teaching):

*Singapore Earlybird 2A and 2B
Number and addition flashcards and manipulatives

Language Arts-
100 Easy Lessons
Phonics activities, flashcards, games
Reading good books!
*Handwriting Without Tears

Bible reading and dictation (Bible Notebook)
Saint stories
Liturgical feasts, celebrations, and activities throughout the church year

*A Child’s Garden of Verses
Poetry Notebook

*Mommy, It’s a Renoir
Illustrating Bible stories and Nature Notebook

Animal books and encyclopedias
Nature activities and notebook

Also, with our homeschool group:
First Friday preschool classes
Weekly Fine Arts and Nature clubs
Field trips
Possibly dance classes

*s are for things I still need to order! Better get on the ball!
Let me know if you have any ideas or comments!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


House Mass with Moms and Kids...crazy! Ellie was rolling around the floor, and running around the room with a spoon in her mouth holding a stuffed animal and old cell phone. Father assured me he's used to chickens and dogs running through outside masses, so this was nothing! Mary Clare did really well sitting in the front row and watching everything. They were really excited to help get things ready for mass and took to Father very quickly! What a blessing to have him here, and to have him say mass in our house! WAY COOL!

The wonderful K family readers :)

Father Juan Diego with his newly trained Altar Boy!

Showing them his chalice (he was just ordained in May)

Helping in the kitchen with Steven and MC.


And a few other pictures for your enjoyment :)

From the baptism we went to on Saturday, feast of St. Clare!
The newly baptized! Isn't she a little beauty?

What's a party without the cake?

Adorable Ellie in the Texas sun (it's really HOT now!)

And my growing belly ;) By the way, we think his name is going to be Peter, middle name still TBD!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jesus is coming to our house, AGAIN!

It pays to have friends in high places ;)

I got a phone call last week that the Pope wanted to speak to me! Actually it was just our friend Brother Nathanael, CFR calling to see if we could host a priest from his Order during an overnight layover. Of course I said yes, and I will be honored to pick up Father Juan Diego at the airport tomorrow and share him with some friends tomorrow afternoon (if anyone lives nearby and didn't get my email, let me know because you're all welcome to come over and meet Father!).

I spoke with him tonight and found out that he won't have said mass before arriving, which means...WE WILL GET TO HAVE ANOTHER MASS IN OUR HOUSE TOMORROW! YAY! So once again, I am cleaning the house for Jesus and one of his holy priests. I'm so excited!

And while I'm on the subject of house cleaning, I thought I'd share some funny pictures from the other day when I was finding lots of out-of-place items around the house. It's a common occurrence, I'm sure in most homes with small children, but it makes me laugh nonetheless. I'm working, though, at trying to notice these items and pick them up before they take over a room of the house! It doesn't happen automatically so this is something I've got to teach myself.

Tonight I found a large cheese grater on our bedroom floor and picked up a thermometer off the living room floor with my toes (my toes are really agile!) and was reminded once again of how funny it is to find silly objects around the house! Then there was my missing wallet. It was gone for a couple days this week, and after searching the house and every other place we'd gone, I was about to call it quits and start canceling my cards. Then MC found it under the Pack N Play in one of the bedrooms where they've had a whole doll setup! Yesterday I couldn't locate her sandals as we were leaving for a baptism, when all of a sudden while about to back out of the driveway, she suggested I go look in the Dora car. There they were under the seat of the toy riding car in the playroom!

So here were some funny finds the other day...

Doll in the kitchen

Fruit snack wrappers in the playroom

And in the living room

A penny by the potty

A spoon under the coffee table

A broken birthday candle in the entryway

A plastic bowling ball in the master bathroom

And Doll City, where my wallet was found and which must move elsewhere so that Fr. Juan Diego is not surrounded by toys!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Of course...

You Belong in Summer

Energetic, creative, and very curious about the world...
You're not going to let anything hold you back, especially a cold day.
Whether you're chilling out at the beach or partying all night, you live for the warm weather.

I love the beach, the pool, the sunshine, the vacations...nothing holds me back from taking it all in during the fun, sunny summer! Since we aren't in a stage where we're able to vacation around the world, there will always be a Rick Steves' travel DVD near my computer, checked out from the library. I've been traveling around the world through Rick this summer!

Like it says, I'm very curious about the world...always love to meet new faces from new places and especially to stay in touch with them! Today at a baptism I met a couple whose families are from Poland. I was SO fascinated with them...their story, their switching to speaking Polish to each other in the middle of a sentence...too cool!

I love the summer and am glad to finally see the summer sun here in Texas and not rain every day!

h/t (what does that mean anyway?): Melissa and Kristen

Thursday, August 09, 2007


you don't have time to go to the neighborhood pool, your kids want to swim, AND they need a bath, try the bubble bath swimming pool!

And some more pictures...

I think they need a butterfly net. The girls are trying to catch the yellow butterfly (on the ground between them) with tupperware!

Ellie falls asleep standing up!

Wakeful Ellie (taken by MC)

And MC posing, the one time she actually wanted her picture taken!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Still in Shock...

that I am carrying...

one of this...

type of child in my womb!

Can't wait to meet him!
(Isn't my hubby cute? And can't you see some Ellie in that first shot?)
I just figured out how to work my scanner last week, so now I can post old pics, yay!
Have a great day, friends!

National Night Out

To quote my husband, "we must pay too much in taxes". I've never seen a neighborhood event like this...camel rides, a carousel, a mini-ferris wheel, rock climbing wall, little kiddie train, bungee jumper, giant blow-up slides, army helicopter, fire truck, food, sno-cones, popcorn, and more! We will be sure not to miss out on another neighborhood party (missed the Easter egg hunt and 4th of July activities)! We didn't meet any neighbors but did invite some friends to go with us who are looking at a house in the neighborhood. It was a fun night!

I didn't get many good pictures since it was getting dark, but here are a few...

The girls on the carousel (Ellie was terrified)

Ellie recovers from the carousel ride

The girls and I waiting to watch the helicopter to take off!


Last week my mom's sister was visiting and we had a wonderful time! I wanted to add the cute pics for their enjoyment. Thanks, Aunt Marilyn, for a wonderful visit, for the girls' precious dresses, and for all the fun! Hope to see you again soon.

Girls and Aunt Marilyn

Sisters and Sisters
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