Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jesus is coming to our house, AGAIN!

It pays to have friends in high places ;)

I got a phone call last week that the Pope wanted to speak to me! Actually it was just our friend Brother Nathanael, CFR calling to see if we could host a priest from his Order during an overnight layover. Of course I said yes, and I will be honored to pick up Father Juan Diego at the airport tomorrow and share him with some friends tomorrow afternoon (if anyone lives nearby and didn't get my email, let me know because you're all welcome to come over and meet Father!).

I spoke with him tonight and found out that he won't have said mass before arriving, which means...WE WILL GET TO HAVE ANOTHER MASS IN OUR HOUSE TOMORROW! YAY! So once again, I am cleaning the house for Jesus and one of his holy priests. I'm so excited!

And while I'm on the subject of house cleaning, I thought I'd share some funny pictures from the other day when I was finding lots of out-of-place items around the house. It's a common occurrence, I'm sure in most homes with small children, but it makes me laugh nonetheless. I'm working, though, at trying to notice these items and pick them up before they take over a room of the house! It doesn't happen automatically so this is something I've got to teach myself.

Tonight I found a large cheese grater on our bedroom floor and picked up a thermometer off the living room floor with my toes (my toes are really agile!) and was reminded once again of how funny it is to find silly objects around the house! Then there was my missing wallet. It was gone for a couple days this week, and after searching the house and every other place we'd gone, I was about to call it quits and start canceling my cards. Then MC found it under the Pack N Play in one of the bedrooms where they've had a whole doll setup! Yesterday I couldn't locate her sandals as we were leaving for a baptism, when all of a sudden while about to back out of the driveway, she suggested I go look in the Dora car. There they were under the seat of the toy riding car in the playroom!

So here were some funny finds the other day...

Doll in the kitchen

Fruit snack wrappers in the playroom

And in the living room

A penny by the potty

A spoon under the coffee table

A broken birthday candle in the entryway

A plastic bowling ball in the master bathroom

And Doll City, where my wallet was found and which must move elsewhere so that Fr. Juan Diego is not surrounded by toys!


Em said...

We've gotten calls from Br. Nathanael before that involved messages relayed from the Pope. It seems brother Nathaneal has a direct line to the Vatican.
As to odd things everywhere.... good to see that's common. I should take pictures of some of the items I find in the wierdest places. Yesterday the girls put Ben in our wagon and were giving him wagon rides up and down the sidewalk. All very nice and sweet and sisterly until I realized they had given him a pizza wheel to play with while he rolled along. I just hope I saw it before the neighbors!

Colleen said...

I'm so sad that we won't be able to make it to your house today. It's just too far for us to go so late in the day, especially with the baby. I really wanted Jonathan to get to meet father. I think the best way to foster vocations in children is to get them around religious and clergy as much as possible but I don't seem to have the awesome connections that you have. Please let me know if the pope ever calls again!

Jill said...

It's great that you have all of these holy people over to your house. My friends who grew up in Catholic homes said that this really helped form their faith as children. What a gift.
I love your photos of random items on the floor. I'll have to take notice of what I find. Sometimes it just blends right in and doesn't seem all that strange until you think about it!

Lillian said...

How neat, calls from the Pope!!! I would just die (literally) if I ever got a call from the Pope! Can you imagine? I'd have to somehow quiet all the noise over here in my most charitable and sweetest way so as not to scandalize the Pope! LOL!

If I lived within spitting distance I would stop by for a visit! Too bad he's not visiting later in the week! ;-)

Thanks for calling last night! It was wonderful talking to you and can't wait to see you!

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