Sunday, June 29, 2014

Answer Me This and WIWS

Linking up with Kendra at Catholic All Year

1. How often do you take public transportation?
Pretty much never.  About once a year we ride the trolley around The Woodlands, and when I was pregnant with Ellie we took the Houston Metro Rail train a few times.  I saw a doctor in the Medical Center and the cost for parking there is outrageous, so we'd park down the street and take the train.  On vacation we've taken shuttle buses and of course the train, subway, and buses on our pilgrimage to Italy.

I do have one funny story about a train ride in Italy.  Steven thought it would be a good idea to take the train to the Trastevere section of Rome, instead of just a bus or subway.  We wanted to go to the church of Santa Cecilia.  So we arrived at the train station and found the "correct" train, even asking a lady who was waiting for the same train.  She assured us that indeed we were getting on the train to Trastevere.  But after a few minutes, we started to see the countryside and realized that we were not in Rome anymore!  We stopped once and our kind "friend" was getting off the train.  She leaned over and said, "Trastevere, next stop."  We were pretty sure she was messing with us, but we waited until the next stop to actually get off the train and figure out how to get back to Rome!

Another challenging public transportation story in Rome was similar to Kendra's Mexico story.  It happened when we got on the wrong bus along with our friends (we traveled with three other newlywed couples to Italy to meet the pope).  Apparently there was a Bus 79 along with a Bus 79/.  So we accidentally got on the "Seventy-Nine-Slash" bus and ended up on the wrong side of town.  I think we were also warned by someone that this was not the bus we wanted to be on, but one of us had the brilliant idea that we'd just ride the bus back around again and get off where we had gotten on.  This was my first experience of watching someone use illegal drugs just a few seats away.  And unfortunately when we got to the end of the route, the bus driver ordered us all off the bus at the depot.  Us and the drug user, that is.  We had to wait about 30 minutes for another train to take us back into the city. Thankfully we made it back, but what an adventure!

2. How many cousins do you have?

I have 13 cousins, but sadly don't see them hardly at all.  We had one set of cousins living in our neighborhood growing up, but they were quite a bit older and we weren't very close.  Steven, on the other hand, has more cousins than he can name; he says it's over 60.  His dad had 10 siblings, so that multiplies his number quite a bit! My own kids have 2 cousins on my side (I just have one brother), and 14 on Steven's side (he's youngest of seven), so 16 in all, and I'm not sure they'll gain any more first cousins.  But we have some fun holiday celebrations with his family and all the crazy kiddos!
Christmas 2013 at Grampatti and BopBop's house

3. Have you ever fired a gun?

I've only fired a bb gun when I taught "rifle sports" as a counselor at The Pines Catholic Camp.  My big kids have all shot a gun and gone hunting with Steven.  He really wants me to try a shooting range, but it's not really my thing.  He'll probably get me there one of these days though, because I'd like to feel more comfortable with one in case I should ever have to use one in an emergency.

Here are the kids getting a gun safety lesson 
from Steven and their godfather Enrique at the farm.

4. Do you ride roller coasters?

I used to love roller coasters, but I don't think I've ridden one since my early 20s.  The past two times we've been to a theme park, both Disneyland and Disney World, I've been pregnant and have opted to avoid the roller coasters since I already have somewhat high risk pregnancies.  I don't think I'd like them much anymore, since I'm now afraid of heights.  My kids were all really brave, and even the 5yr old went on roller coasters last year!

Splash Mountain Sept 2013

5. What's your favorite flower?

Tulips, ever since this memorable day...

6. Are you allergic to anything?

Not that I know of!

And what I wore Sunday....
New skirt from Old Navy!  Yay!
My last white peasant skirt was stained with black ink a few years ago, 
but I have kept wearing it  because I like it so much.  It was time for a new one :)

I survived Monday through Friday without Daddy!
I felt like SuperMom last week.  It was a lot of work, but we survived with a lot of crafts and about three playdates over here.  Thankfully we have a short week ahead and are working on plans for a fun Independence Day weekend.  What will your families do to celebrate?

Friday, June 27, 2014

How I Homeschool

I'm linking up to Michaela's blog, California to Korea
to share a bit about the hows and whys of homeschooling in our family!

How long have you been homeschooling?
We joined a homeschooling group when Mary Clare was only 2 years old, so we've been doing it all along. But starting from her official kindergarten year, we just completed six years of homeschooling!
How many kids are in your family? How many are homeschooled? Are any schooled in a more traditional way?  
We have five children (ages 4 months, 3, 6, 9, and 11), and three of them are school age and have always been homeschooled.  Next year we will have kids in grades 1, 4, and 6.

What laws, if any, are there in your state regarding homeschooling? How does your family meet compliance?
In Texas there are hardly any homeschool requirements.  The only stated requirements are that we teach reading, spelling, math, grammar, and good citizenship, all pursued in a bone fide manner.  So we aren't required to follow any specific curriculum or provide any test scores or work samples to the state.  We definitely cover the above five requirements, so I don't have worries about meeting some kind of standard set by the government.  
Switching gears here: if you could summarize your homeschool philosophy in one sentence or mission statement, what would that be?
"Raising saints, forming souls, finding beauty, and learning about the world. Together."
What is your homeschooling style?
Up until now, I've pulled together my own curriculum following recommendations by classical and Charlotte Mason-style programs, like Mother of Divine Grace, St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, The Well-Trained Mind, and Mater Amabilis.  As we begin middle school with our oldest daughter this coming year, I've opted to enroll with a homeschool academy for the first time.  We are enrolled with Mother of Divine Grace School, which also follows the classical model of education.
Do you follow any set curriculum?
As I just mentioned, we will be closely following the Mother of Divine Grace program (MODG) this coming year.  I will still do some of my favorite programs and books with the younger ones, even if they aren't the top MODG recommendation, like All About Spelling and Math U See.  But Mary Clare will be following their syllabus and daily lesson plans for almost all of her subjects except spelling.  

She will also take two online classes, have a TA (Teaching Assistant providing grading and follow-up) for two subjects, and Ellie will take one online class.  I have been paired with a consultant to discuss curriculum choices, receive 4 long phone calls during the year, to be available by email, and to help with report cards and other assessments.  We will have lesson plans to follow online, and records will be kept through this accredited homeschool program.  I'm very much looking forward to having this assistance and accountability next year!
What do your best homeschooling moments look like?  What do your not-so-good moments look like?  How do you stay on track?
Our best moments are when we're all on the couch reading storybooks, science, and history together.  I love when the kids work together and encourage each other and when they are doing creative arts and crafts activities.  Our spelling program is very rewarding and I love when the spelling rules start to click for the kids.  Learning catechism together is a beautiful experience.  I also love when they master math concepts, and when they all work on their different subjects together in the homeschool room.  Other favorite moments are spent with friends having feast day celebrations, visiting museums, and going on nature explorations.

The not-so-good moments happen when I can't get out of bed, or when I have to retreat to bed frequently throughout the day because I'm tired and overwhelmed.  The kids sometimes fight a lot and sometimes really hurt each other.  Some days I yell.  Some days they cry.  Some days I cry.  Those are the really hard days.  If I'm in bed crying when Steven gets home, it's been a really bad day!
I stay on track by making weekly checklists for the children and trying to follow a school year calendar and complete our books in May.  I am on some homeschooling Facebook groups and Yahoo groups where I can ask questions, and I have lots of friends who I can go to with concerns or to brainstorm ideas when we have challenges.  This year I will be forced to stay on track with our homeschool program, since we will have quarterly consultations and work samples due, and Mary Clare will be responsible for work turned in for some of her classes, as well as taking the weekly online classes.
How do you keep any non-school-aged kids busy?
It's really hard to answer this.  I have five kids who are all home with me 24/7.  There is constant noise and motion, so we learn to work amidst it.  The 3yr old will play with toys nearby or write in his own little workbooks or coloring books.  Sometimes the younger ones use the Montessori Boxes we made a few years ago.  But other times the toddler will climb all over me and whine in my face, trying to steal my iPhone.  The baby will be asleep or will be in my lap crying or being nursed, or maybe she will sit in a seat for about five minutes.  It's kind of like a circus many days, but we still love it!
What outside activities do your children participate in?
My girls have taken ballet lessons for many years, and they have done some piano and choir the past few years.  Steven Joseph has been on baseball teams, and the kids are on the swim team most summers.  We have done a few co-ops over the years, mostly Classically Catholic Memory.  The children have been attending the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Montessori faith formation program with our current homeschooling group.  4-H has been another activity the girls have done the past couple years.  When we move in a few months, we will re-join the girls' and boys' clubs that a friend leads for our original homeschooling group, where the children learn life skills and celebrate feast days together in a beautiful, creative environment.  Our homeschool group usually has monthly park play days and nature clubs which we enjoy. 

Why did you decide to homeschool?
While we were dating, Steven and I met several homeschooling families and were very impressed by their children.  They were well-spoken, mature, smart, and kind.  Steven was especially interested in how this lifestyle worked, and I even did a research paper on homeschooling for one of my education courses in college (My degree was Elementary Education and I taught in public and private schools before having children).  At this point, we planned to hypothetically homeschool our future children once we were married.  As time went by and we finally got married and started having children, we continued to meet and befriend other homeschooling families and other young couples who also planned to homeschool their children.  We had a handful of mentor couples who were an example to us of a holy marriage and inspiring to us as homeschool families.  So this was always been the life we hoped to live out, and we are thankful to God that He has given us the ability to follow this dream for our family.
What benefits have you seen?
I think my children have maintained the innocence that we all desire for our children.  They are interested in good and beautiful things.  They have a good grasp of the history of the world, of their Catholic faith, and of the importance of living a virtuous life, being a good citizen, and behaving as a loving family member.  They have friendships with other lovely children, and they are learning to be good siblings and friends with each other.  They are also learning so many life skills that I had to learn on-the-job as an adult like budgeting, chores, cooking, sewing, and crafting.

Just this week, the kids did a few things that really impressed me.  Steven has been traveling quite a bit, so they needed to step up to the plate and be understanding that it is a challenging time for Mommy.  I bought them a blow-up pool at the grocery store and they were all thrilled.  They worked hard to do their chores and a few schoolwork items, and then to get the pool set-up by using the ShopVac with no assistance from me.  They have been helping each other with chores and thanking me for various things during the day.  Yesterday, Steven Joseph cleaned out and vacuumed my car after one simple request from me.  Ellie heard the baby crying in the middle of the night and came down to offer to hold her for a few minutes.  It's the little things like this that help me to see the big picture, that the sacrifices this lifestyle entails are all worth it.
Do you plan to homeschool through high school?
Short answer: Yes.  Long answer: We take things a year at a time, but homeschooling has been on our hearts since our earliest days of dating.  It has become a lifestyle for us.  We are able to make different changes in our family life to allow for successful homeschooling.  We moved away for a few years, and now are preparing to move back to our close-knit community where we will have support for years to come.

We will have the assistance of the MODG enrollment, but also the options of various nearby co-ops and classes, and even a hybrid academy (part-time school) that follows MODG.  I feel like God has given us the resources and grace to continue this endeavor, but I can't say that we will never get to a point where we might need to put the children in school.  Our youngest is currently four months old, so it's kind of interesting to think I may still be doing this in 18 years, but it's also exciting and comforting at the same time.  
If you could give any homeschool advice to a new mom starting out, what would it be?
Find support!  Joining the homeschool group when my oldest was a toddler made a big difference in my confidence starting out.  Many of the moms I met when the girls were preschoolers are now some of my closest friends, and the kids have all become close as they've grown up together.  Living in a community with strong homeschooling support group, if possible, is ideal.  Moms need that support, and as the children get older they will appreciate having close friends who share the same values, goals, and family lifestyle.  I know not all moms need a support network, but as an extrovert who enjoys activity and social interactions, it is so important for me!

Also be sure you rely on God.  Recognize that there is no way we could live this lifestyle without His grace, or without the assistance of the sacraments and prayer.  When I take the time to pray by myself and with the children, our days go so much smoother and my own attitude is improved.  Keep a smile on your face and remember that adage we're always told:  the days are long but the years are short!  Steven always reminds me that we are going to blink and realize we are fifty!  I am already having a hard time believing that our oldest is starting 6th grade, so I'm really trying my hardest these days to savor the babyhood of our littlest one as well as the childhoods of our older kids.  I hope having this blog will be a special way to preserve these memories!
Thanks for reading and feel free to ask other questions if you have any!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am sorry for the cuteness overload...

But I bought Katie Grace a new little romper from the clearance rack at Old Navy this weekend and so I had to get some photos of her wearing it today!  She's a bit unsure about the porch swing and Bumbo seat these days, and she's working on that head control!  She brings so much joy to our family every day.  So thankful for the gift of our sweet Katherine Maria Grace :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Lovin'

or not.  As I shared in one of the last posts, I'm not digging this summer so much.  Steven is traveling and working long hours, and we have no activities besides 7:30am swim practice.  Normally, many days in the summer are spent at the pool, but here we don't have a neighborhood pool and the nearby one is so expensive that I can't justify getting a membership when the older three kids are already swimming every morning.  The day camps are pricey, would conflict with swim team, and won't take the child who challenges me the most!  We've missed the VBS options.  I've planned a few playdates and homeschool group outings, and am aiming to do those once or twice a week.  I'm also buying some crafts and outdoor projects for each week with the money that we would be using for camps or summer dance classes!  The girls and I are also putting together a Miniature Mass Kit for the boys!

So I'm trying to pull together my own summer survival plan.  We have quite a few things to take care of this summer, and a city by the sea to enjoy before we move, so I'm going to take some time to write out a list and get some "Monday Motivation" so I can start checking off the things we need to do!

~Mail shoes back to Amazon that are too small.
~Make appointments for dental and pediatrician check-ups.
~Call on the medical bills to ask them to resubmit claims to our insurance.
~Call about piano for Ellie in July.
~Prep for Edel Gathering!  Plan clothing and shoes for Katie and me :)
~Continue with the Couch to 5K program, either running each morning or evening around the block.
~Make some saint pictures for Steven's Aunt Katie (we did this last summer but never mailed them and now have lost them a 2nd time).  Aunt Katie suffers from pancreatic cancer.
~Order homeschool books.
~Plan weekly activity with friends (beach, pool, pizza party over here)
~Read to the kids every day.
~Continue with the kids' summer schedule of schoolwork, chores, outdoor time, with reward of 1hr computer time.
~Take them to library to sign up for summer reading.
~Pay library fines.
~Crafts and outdoor activities...playdough, painting letters, sprinkler, kid pool?, mass kit, biking, have them make some videos, look up ideas on Pinterest.

Okay, I'm about to fall over asleep!  Better post this and get some rest!

iPhone/Instagram little memories from the past week...
top row: happy swaddled baby, gumbo girl, tommy and friends playing with cars during swim practice, and boys trying to help with the baby swing
2nd row: Ellie holding Katie to standing, me on my 3rd day of exercise, Katie on the day she turned 4mos, at Daddy's canceled basketball game, and Tommy sitting on the side of my tub
3rd row: girls played with my makeup, happy baby this weekend, big brother loves his sis, and Ellie's new shoes from Payless
4th row: kids playing with playdough sweet shop, in the yard with new sprinkler and tubs of water, Thomas and his new shirt, and me on my jog walk this evening with SJ following me :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Answer Me This and WIWS

1. When's the last time you got a new bathing suit?
Well, since I'm usually the one with the camera and I don't really like having my picture taken in a swimsuit, I don't recall how long I've had my current Lands End suit, but I'm guessing about three years, so this would be its fourth summer.  It's a skirt with a top, but I'm not really crazy about the fit of the top; it's a bit low-cut for my taste.  I'm loving the Lime Ricki suits that Kendra linked!  I used to find lots of great options for the girls and me at Lands End, especially since they were sold in the local Sears where we used to live.  But I haven't found much the past two summers online.  I just looked though, and see that there are quite a few girls' suits on sale on their website, so maybe we will do some swim shopping this week!  Okay, I did find one photo where I'm fairly well covered by kids.  I'll keep it the small size photo though, LOL!  I love the pink one Ellie is wearing, it's Lands End too.

2. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?
Looks like it was my friend Kate.  She's on bed rest with baby #4 and we were talking about a beach outing planned for this week and commiserating about challenging summers.  Hers is much more challenging than mine, trying to keep a baby cooking inside while entertaining little ones.  My summer is more of an mental challenge, trying to occupy ourselves these next few months while Daddy is traveling and working a lot as we prepare to move and renovate a home just as all the fall activities are starting.  I'm considering maybe starting school a little early, because I'm having a really hard time keeping everyone busy these long days of summer.

3. If you receive communion, do you receive it in the hands or on the tongue?
Tongue.  I started that in college and have continued.  The girls both received their First Holy Communion at a church where that's the only option, and our current parish also has kneelers where we receive, although some do still receive in the hands.  I feel that it helps us to be more reverent.  And today, at the feast of Corpus Christi, is a good time to think about the reverence due the Blessed Sacrament and how we can do better at showing that to our children.

Here are my first two first communicants:

4. Do you have a tattoo?
No, and I have no desire to get one.  We live in what seems like the tattoo capital of the world though.  There are tattoo parlors on every corner, and if we go to a pool or beach it seems like we are the only adults without tattoos!  My brother is the only tattoo aficionado in the family, he's got an arm-full and I don't think he's done!  His is colorful with pretty artwork (except that mask thing that he knows I don't like), but for myself I can't imagine having artwork on my body for the rest of my life.  We love Uncle Brice, tattoos and all!

5. How many dinner plates are in your house?
Hmmm, I have about 8-10 of these, which I bought from the benefit sale for the sons of my friend Kelly who passed away.  This is the everyday set that we use, although the kids mostly eat off IKEA plastic plates.  We only have about four of the smaller luncheon plates and could use a few more, because they're a perfect size for the kids!

Pfaltzgraff Heritage:

This is the everyday set that we registered for when we got married.  We broke quite a few and don't really like the bowls (they're very flat), so they sit in a box in the attic.  I'm guessing we have about 8-10.  Maybe once we move we will use them again.

Dansk Bistro Christianshaven Blue:

And this is the set of china passed down from my grandmother, although they don't actually have a "B" for our last name.  Some have an "F" from my mom's maiden name.  Maybe one of the girls will marry someone with an F last name and it will be really cool to pass them on to her!  I'd like to start using them more often for holidays and special feast days.

Princess House Heritage Platinum:

6.  Do you have an accent?
I don't think so, but I feel like people from the north have an accent, so I guess I have a southern one. I don't have a Texas twang, though!

And here's what we wore Sunday....

Sweet smocked dress for Katie Grace:

And my Walmart maxi skirt with black shirt for mama.  I'm not crazy about the Walmart skirt; I think I need to find a few more fun maxi skirts that are a little bit better quality because the nice ones really are comfy!

Can you see Ellie in the door reflection taking my picture?

Have a great week, friends!
Wish me luck at surviving the next three or so months!
I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Pretty People and Cute Clay Cakes!

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Pretty baby with my parents last week

We found a fun park in the Heights area of Houston last week.  We could've stayed forever, if only it had a bathroom and we didn't have museum plans that day.

I keep finding these photos on my phone and camera.  The girls are enjoying playing cake makers with clay this summer.  Their other favorite things are to play dance studio recital where they plan out a bunch of dances, and imaginary families where they make slide shows and cards on iPhoto, renaming all our friends and family members!  Today they played cards for awhile and baked cookies too.  I'm so glad the girls can occupy their time; I just wish the boys were better at it!  Here are some of the "cake" creations...

This is a "cake" with a hanging spaghetti sauce jar!

And I believe this was a 50th birthday bb gun cake!

a twin "pea in a pod" cake

twin birdies in a tree cake

and the girls with a REAL cake creation they threw together a couple weeks ago and brought to our priest's anniversary party.  It was SO good (strawberry filling inside) and was gone quickly!  They worked hard on this with several baking catastrophes, but in the end it was worth it!

I'll end with a few more photos of Ellie from the other evening.

Well, I've made it past the halfway point! This has been a long week, because my entire summer motivation system crashed, literally.  Each day the kids had to do a few subjects of schoolwork, several chores, and play with a sibling before they could have their timed hour on the old computer upstairs.  And...the computer won't turn on this week!  Not to mention we're still recovering from an eventful week in Houston and missing our family and friends.  Today was the best day so far, but I was still feeling "done" by 3pm.  Steven has been exhausted all week, and I think we're all ready for the weekend!  Thankfully it isn't a full swim meet this Saturday, just a short time trial.

I started exercising again!  Katie turns four months old tomorrow, and I still don't fit into the majority of my clothes.  I'm ready to lose some of this weight.  I'm using a Couch to 5K app, just walking and jogging around the block every day.  We will see if I can keep it up!  Tomorrow we are finally having an outing, to the Botanical Gardens for our last Nature Club.  Today when Steven got home, Thomas was excited to tell him how "We went down the street to get the mail!" Poor child, that's the most exciting event of the day to tell his dad!  

But the best thing that happened today was the encouragement I got, along with another mom of five, from the swim coach this morning.  He asked if we were stay-at-home moms and we said yes, and I said that we homeschool.  He was gushing and encouraging and telling us how important our job is.  He told the kids how grateful they should be and that they need to thank us when we get home!  He has been partly a stay-at-home dad and said it's the hardest job he's ever done.  It's so nice to feel appreciated when I'm in the midst of what already feels like a long summer without much social interaction or activities to do.  I hope in my heart that I will be able to look back on these difficult years and know that it was worth it and I tried my hardest.  Thanks be to God who is giving me the grace to make it through.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We are in the throes of swim team.  7:30am practice almost every morning.  Saturday meets.  Lots of hard work going on.

The girls didn't really want to do swim team this summer.  They would have preferred to take ballet.  But the ballet summer classes were long and expensive and on different days for each girl.  Swim team is a great sport for a large family.  They can all go together to practice and to the meets.

They can cheer each other on.  They can set their own goals.  They get a great workout.  They're tired at night.  (It's just the rest of the livelong day I have to figure out how in the world to keep them entertained on summer weekdays!)

And as their daddy says, swimming is a skill that could save a life one day, theirs or someone else's.  It's so great to have confident swimmers, especially when we've got other small children who need a lot of supervision around the water.

One of our kids tried to quit, but Daddy was encouraging and helped changed her mind.  Now they're all enjoying themselves, meeting new friends, enjoying some fellow homeschooling friends, and working on a sport that's different from what they usually do.

Swim team here in south Texas is so very different from the Houston suburbs!  It's laid back, and it's actually SUMMER swim league.  In Houston the meets start in early May and are pretty much finished by mid-June.  Here we will continue through the end of July.  There are only 40 kids on the team as opposed to the 100+ on our team in Houston.  The meets are slow, disorganized, and there's lots of space for everyone to pitch tents and roam around.  In Houston you are packed like sardines, it runs smoothly, but it runs LONG, and those hot Saturday mornings are rough!

Also, in Houston the kids compete against many children who swim year-round.  They don't have much of a chance at making it to any special meets, or even to be on a relay team at their basic meets.  Our kids are not the fastest swimmers, but they are determined, and they enjoy themselves.

Little Katie Grace, on the other hand, doesn't enjoy herself all that much at the swim meets.  These photos are all from their first meet because the two little ones and I didn't attend the meet this past weekend.  We had just gotten home from Houston the night before and so we stayed home to rest.

Steven Joseph may be the most determined swimmer on the team.  This was his only race at his first meet, and it was his first time to make it across the pool without grabbing the rope.  It was also the first time he'd ever done side breathing.  All the kids cheered him on from the side; he's like the team's mascot!

We are so proud of him.  Today the coach recounted to the older kids how Steven follows him around all day at the meets, just waiting anxiously for his turn to swim his one or two races, while the older kids swim seven or eight races.  But this weekend he got to be on two relay teams with the big boys.  He was the final leg of the relay, and I wish I could have seen the whole team cheering him on!  They apparently had a huge lead, but the other swimmers nearly caught up, and Steven Joseph just barely touched the wall first!

Poor Tommy is too young for swim team.  Maybe next year.  It's hard to be the little sibling who watches the older ones swim every day.  During practice and the meets, the younger siblings don't get to swim, so it is very hard to have to sit on the sidelines.  I've been bringing lots of toys and things for him to do.

 But last week (pictured) he got to swim every day while we were at the hotel.  He kept playing "swim team" and talking about how these were his swim practices.  He wanted me to say, "Take your mark.  Beep!" like at the swim meets.

And the most amazing thing of all was that the kids finally convinced him to try jumping in the water and putting his face in.  He'd never done it before and was so proud of himself!

Over and over again, jumping off the side.  He was so happy.  Hopefully now he will be more interested in learning to swim this summer.
Swimming is one of my favorite summer time memories.  I'm glad we can enjoy swim team, hotel pools, the club with my parents, and next year...the pool two blocks away!  Can't wait!  Where do you enjoy swimming in the summer?

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