Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Lovin'

or not.  As I shared in one of the last posts, I'm not digging this summer so much.  Steven is traveling and working long hours, and we have no activities besides 7:30am swim practice.  Normally, many days in the summer are spent at the pool, but here we don't have a neighborhood pool and the nearby one is so expensive that I can't justify getting a membership when the older three kids are already swimming every morning.  The day camps are pricey, would conflict with swim team, and won't take the child who challenges me the most!  We've missed the VBS options.  I've planned a few playdates and homeschool group outings, and am aiming to do those once or twice a week.  I'm also buying some crafts and outdoor projects for each week with the money that we would be using for camps or summer dance classes!  The girls and I are also putting together a Miniature Mass Kit for the boys!

So I'm trying to pull together my own summer survival plan.  We have quite a few things to take care of this summer, and a city by the sea to enjoy before we move, so I'm going to take some time to write out a list and get some "Monday Motivation" so I can start checking off the things we need to do!

~Mail shoes back to Amazon that are too small.
~Make appointments for dental and pediatrician check-ups.
~Call on the medical bills to ask them to resubmit claims to our insurance.
~Call about piano for Ellie in July.
~Prep for Edel Gathering!  Plan clothing and shoes for Katie and me :)
~Continue with the Couch to 5K program, either running each morning or evening around the block.
~Make some saint pictures for Steven's Aunt Katie (we did this last summer but never mailed them and now have lost them a 2nd time).  Aunt Katie suffers from pancreatic cancer.
~Order homeschool books.
~Plan weekly activity with friends (beach, pool, pizza party over here)
~Read to the kids every day.
~Continue with the kids' summer schedule of schoolwork, chores, outdoor time, with reward of 1hr computer time.
~Take them to library to sign up for summer reading.
~Pay library fines.
~Crafts and outdoor activities...playdough, painting letters, sprinkler, kid pool?, mass kit, biking, have them make some videos, look up ideas on Pinterest.

Okay, I'm about to fall over asleep!  Better post this and get some rest!

iPhone/Instagram little memories from the past week...
top row: happy swaddled baby, gumbo girl, tommy and friends playing with cars during swim practice, and boys trying to help with the baby swing
2nd row: Ellie holding Katie to standing, me on my 3rd day of exercise, Katie on the day she turned 4mos, at Daddy's canceled basketball game, and Tommy sitting on the side of my tub
3rd row: girls played with my makeup, happy baby this weekend, big brother loves his sis, and Ellie's new shoes from Payless
4th row: kids playing with playdough sweet shop, in the yard with new sprinkler and tubs of water, Thomas and his new shirt, and me on my jog walk this evening with SJ following me :)

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Mary said...

I know it's not easy with little ones, but don't forget to take some time out for YOU!

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