Monday, March 06, 2017

Peter is 3 months!

Sweet Pete turned 3 months last week! He's such a little love. He's getting chubby and strong. Loves his swing, his floor seat, and watching all the kids. Usually hates his carseat. Sleeps great at night, just wakes for about 2 feedings.

He and I went on a mom's weekend away, and we had such a nice time. But I know he was confused being in a different place and not having his siblings to watch! But it was nice to get away for some quiet time, and there were 4 other baby buddies with us :)

Then we were blessed to attend a parish baby shower at our church! The ladies were so sweet to shower us with all kinds of goodies and lots of love. I didn't get to attend our homeschool group baby shower, so this was a lot of fun for the girls and I to attend with Peter!

Looking forward to the coming months of lots of new things with our little guy...sitting, crawling, eating, walking...But I'm happy with him right where he is and hope time will slow down for us!!!

(outdoor pics on the blanket by MC, indoor ones on the white bed by me)

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Katie Grace is 3!

Our sweet girl turned three this month and was so thrilled about her birthday! It was on a Sunday, so we started with presents in the morning, she got a special blessing during the Mass, and then we had a few families and my parents over for a late lunch/early dinner of fajitas grilled by Steven, plus cake and ice cream. I'd say she had a pretty spectacular day!

She got a hand-me-down American Girl doll, an outfit for the doll, 
a veil for church which she'd been asking for, a new dress with strawberries 
(her favorite!), and a balance bike.

 She loved playing with the tea set treats 
from NeNe and PaPa with her little friends!

Katie Grace is such a little "rainbow" of color and light in our family!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Katherine Maria Grace!

Some other recent pics of our big girl...

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