Monday, December 29, 2008

Grocery Store Play-by-Play

Today I thought I'd entertain myself by capturing all the funny moments of our grocery store adventure. This is why I don't like to grocery shop! We actually had a wonderful relaxing day today, even getting some schoolwork done. And the grocery trip wasn't too crazy, just your run-of-the-mill average adventure with 3 young children! Here goes...

Must go grocery shopping.
I'll leave this mess, and this cooking dinner

She'll finish a writing project

and I'll take note of a shopping list
right "here"
i always lose the list anyway

Now I'm ready and everyone is dressed with shoes on!
I sweep this foam out of baby's mouth:

Ellie decides she needs to bring something to write on.
Scouring the house for the "perfect" backpack
to bring to the grocery store.

Here she is! Ready with her lime green backpack.
Which I'll note DID make it into the grocery store cart
But was never opened the entire trip
and was probably left in the van.

Stevie decides he'd like to unlock
the dishwasher with my car keys

And finally everyone is making it outside.
Only to find the girls doing this!

But that's okay, because these seats are in the garage
and need to be installed back into the minivan...

...which is parked here.
and needs to be pulled back into the driveway
so I can put the carseats in.

Okay, seats are in, kids are in.
But where is my cell phone?
I run inside and call it.
Can you find it here?

Alright, now I know the girls have buckled themselves
while I ran inside...right?

Finally, we make it to the store
and they didn't fight at all
about who would sit next to SJ, right?

In we go. They are always doing great
in the produce section!
Sometimes I even get comments there
about how cute and good my kids are.

Just wait until I get to the frozen foods, people.
Paper goods, frozen foods, baby section--
that's where I just get evil eyes!

Live lobsters are sitting out today. Cool.

and free chocolate donuts are sitting out too. Yum!

Things start to get a little hairy
on the pasta and soup aisle (about halfway through)

It's getting really bad by the pet aisle
and I don't know how I'm going to get
that giant bag of dog food on my cart.
I had to get the smaller bag.

This is the point where SJ is released from his prison seat.

But after he trips and falls on his head
(see his red forehead while he's pulling down margarine tubs)
and refuses to follow us down the aisle
I decide it's time for the Moby wrap!

Ellie getting wild and crazy.
Gotta love the stripes/floral ensemble
and her jacket stuck under the wheel of the cart!

Almost done,
happy mama
heading to the checkout

Now I won't say whether or not
I bribed the girls with treats ;)

The checker just stared at me for a second
then started scanning my stuff
turns out I was in this lane:

he forgave me
and a nice lady helped me bag my stuff
even though she was off duty

I definitely didn't have 10 items or less!

quiet kids on the way home
sleeping baby who even transferred to the bed at home

groceries ready to be put away

and I totally enjoyed putting them away
in our "new" fridge!

The girls may or may not
have been feasting on M&Ms and a popsicle
and "pirate booty" which they joked about all evening

So that's my grocery day!
Hope you enjoyed it,
and I'm sure many of you can relate!

and a bonus picture of SJ at dinner
His shirt says "Little Farmer" :)

crockpot roast turned out good
Steven says any questionable meat
can always be enjoyed
when you offer it with mashed potatoes :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Home Tour

Faith and Family Live! is hosting a Christmas Home Tour. I'm so happy to participate!

Welcome to my home!

Here is the front door Christmas wreath
I had the wreath already
and bought the poinsettias, bells and ribbon
at the $1 store (so $3 total!)

Our Christmas corner!
The lovely pre-lit tree we got for free last year
from a kind craigslist lady,
garland made after reading
The Nester's garland tutorial!

Here's another view including
our little Nativity table
and all our fabulous Christmas books

Nativity table
And Christmas books lined up
(some of them are from the library)

Some of our favorites this year:
The Donkey's Dream,
The Legend of the Candy Cane,
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey,
Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury,
The Friendly Beasts,
and many more!

We continue to have so much fun
reading these beautiful books together!

Here's the Christmas corner
with dressed-up kids,
and after Santa's visit

Here's a little counter in our kitchen
with a Christmas picture of the girls,
1st birthday pictures of the baby,
a wonderful photo book made for his birthday,
a foam gingerbread house we made,
and some of our wooden Jesse Tree ornaments

The kitchen table with simple Advent wreath
(which can be put up now that Advent is over!)

a close-up of the wreath with the melted candles
from our hot Texas attic!

And our "new" (used/free) fridge,
covered with friends and family's
Christmas cards

All to remind us of this...

Christ is Born!

Merry Christmas to all!
Hope you enjoyed the tour,
and hope you'll come visit again!
Love, Blair :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

LOTS of pictures from Christmas...

Putting out "reindeer food" in the yard
and Santa's Little Helper

Christmas Eve was spent shopping
(we're always last-minute shoppers)
and out to eat Mexican food,
then home to watch the Nutcracker ballet
and quiet down in our PJs because...

St. Nick came to visit!

Christmas dream come true...
the American Girl Dolls!
(made in China, Steven likes to say)

Daddy showing Steven Joseph
how to dunk!
He loves his basketball hoop!

She wanted a mermaid,
loves her mermaid umbrella!

Mommy's Ped Egg for my cracking feet :)

Cinnamon Rolls with Baby Jesus
(in the center of the table)

Christmas morning mass was nice and quiet

Then on to grandparent house #1
Turkey dinner at NeNe and PaPa's
with Aunt Kathy

First of many American Girl (AG)
doll gifts, ballerina clothes!

and on to grandparent home #2
sleeping with AG "Elizabeth"

sleeping with "Emily"

All the girl cousins got AG dolls this year
Oh the fun they had last night!

A failed attempt at a cousin picture
11 kids under 8, including 4 toddlers
just not in the cards!

The chaos of present opening
The kids were told to "freeze"
so we could try to organize it a little better
also failed.

That's what you call 11 children
and 12 adults opening presents at the same time!

Ellie with her AG dog

MC opening an AG dress

And with her magnet dolls
(these are great, lasting paper dolls!)

SJ enjoying the taste of a microphone

And enjoying his new cow plates and silverware

what was left...boxes and bags everywhere.

Fun times making song videos with Aunt Jill
Then watching them on the laptop
You can see the glossy eyes...

What a fun-filled day, a wonderful Christmas! Last year's Christmas was spent at home relishing in the birth of our newborn Steven Joseph. This year we really got to enjoy the blessing of quality time with our families. We are so fortunate! And I'm so thankful everyone is feeling better now! Hope you all had a truly joy-filled Christmas too!
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