Saturday, December 20, 2008


One year ago
One ready mom
One more c-section
One newborn baby
One firstborn son
One special name, after his
One cool daddy
One little brother
One other child to love on
One more forehead to kiss
One new day with him is like
One lifetime of laughter
One minute with him pulls my
One worn out body into
One too many directions, but this
One year with him, makes me thank my
One true God for my
One baby boy who now is
One rambunctious toddler as well as a big
One year old boy.

Happy Birthday, Steven Joseph.
We love you so much.


kelly said...

Happy birthday Stevie! You know, he looks so much like your girls, doesn't he?!

candyspirit said...

one ne ne
one papa
so happy & blessed to love
one more precious baby...

I love sharing all my
one birthdays with my handsome grandson who is

Colleen said...

Great pictures and a precious poem! Happy Birthday big boy!

Neen said...

He is such a blessing. I cannot believe he is so grown up already. Wow enjoy the day!

Lillian said...

WOW!! That went by fast! Happy Birthday Steven Joseph!

Kimberly said...

So sweet, so cute...just wanna squeeze him. Gabriel will be 2 in February, and I cannot get enough of him still.

Anonymous said...

So cute Blair!

Karyn said...

That was beautiful and Happy Birthday sweet Steven Joseph!! Hope to see you in February when we come to Houston again.

Merry Christmas!

AJ ;)

Julia said...

Happy Birthday little Stevie!!! I can't believe one whole year has gone by! I hope you enjoyed your special gingerbread birthday party, that looked like a blast!!!! :) God bless you!

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