Saturday, December 06, 2008

7 Quick Takes Friday

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday over at Conversion Diary. I thought I'd link up and try it this week!

Does anyone else teach school like this?

Yes, my daughter is on my shoulders, in her PJs
and I am writing her math answers for her.
While taking my own picture.

Remember this guy from the summer?

Mr. Kungfu Panda nebulizer man?
He's visiting again every 4 hours.
Along with some inhalers for the girls.
I'm ready to sleep again, someday.

If you haven't found it yet, is an awesome site where you can watch TV and movies for free! Great for us, since we don't have a TV in the house. Don't worry won't find us watching those morally rich shows like The Office and The Biggest Loser when the kids are asleep ;)

Today my almost-6-year-old threw a toddler type tantrum over a candy cane. In public. In the classroom where I teach homeschooled preschoolers. Can we say e.m.b.a.r.r.a.s.s.i.n.g.? I called my husband and told him it was the worst morning of my entire life. Let me also say that this morning included a jammed printer, a missing iPod cord (both needed for my class), a craft plan that kept falling apart, 3 breathing treatments, and no less than 5 dirty looks from various people, from the church to the Chick-fil-a drive-thru line. I was totally disorganized, totally frazzled, and totally late for everything today. A 9pm trip to Target made me feel much better :)

I've heard good things about those egg shell things that scrape the dead skin off your feet. Any of you use those? I saw them at Target but was able to refrain from putting one in my already-full cart! Maybe Santa will put one in my stocking!

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas, since it's now after midnight!

Mary Clare lined up all the shoes.
Looks like he visited our house already!
He even put a treat in the little doll shoes on the left :)

And last but not least, Please pray for my friends Devin and Katie today! God-willing, they will be meeting the baby boys they will foster and hopefully adopt. I am so excited for them!


Colleen said...

I love this 7 quick takes idea, though I haven't done it yet myself. That homeschooling picture cracked me up. I love "reality" pictures. They help me keep perspective on the actual normality of my life that sometimes seems absolutely crazy.

candyspirit said...

Love the chummy homeschooler! 2 peas in a sometimes tight pod. Mary clare is so so much like you - it's like deja vu. Can't get that kind of love in public school!

From candy canes to walking canes enjoy it cause it goes by way too fast! My sweet mother in law told me 'and the happier you are the faster life goes'...Love all those precious times.


Lindsey said...

Oh, I have some thoughts.

Re: the PedEgg, I have seen the commercial and been grossed out (they show a woman dumping out the shavings--ewww!) but I still kind of want one. A funny: I was once in line at the store behind a woman who was buying ONLY a PedEgg. For some reason that really made me giggle inside!

Tantrums in public--more often occurance these days for us, because I have a volatile 3 yo boy. Very humiliating.

Sorry to hear about the asthma problems. :( I hope y'all get relief soon.

Hope you had a blessed St. Nicholas Day!

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, tantrums are no fun. Both of my boys have been major tantrum throwers. Luckily Ann Marie seems more laid back so far. She got two teeth w/o me even knowing- I was like what??? The other two were beating their heads against the tile floor and screaming for hours at a time night and day. And her teethed just appeared. OK, I'll take that.

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