Friday, March 20, 2015

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We've had lots of fun outings the past few weeks. We went to the art museum, the rodeo, an Aggie baseball game, and the boys attended a Rockets basketball game. We've celebrated feast days with friends, and had lots of playdates and dinner outings. It's been a kind-of Spring Break, even though we are still trying to do schoolwork every day. 

Some pictures Mary Clare took at the art museum...

and a few of my phone snapshots..

So glad to make it up to St. Mary's for Sunday Mass and to A&M for the Aggie Baseball Game. They won the game, making their season 21-0! We all had a great time with some good friends.

at St. Mary's after mass...

The long walk across campus to the baseball field

Katie in her new Aggie t-shirt we bought after Mass and Freebirds lunch.

They let the kids run the bases after the games!
And they let 4 kids in free with each adult on Sundays! Score!

Our future Aggies!

Awesome Aggie friends

some iPhone snapshots...

A funny time at the Rodeo, and getting to the Rodeo, with traffic, parking, rain, food, Steven arriving late, dropping the kids with aunts, and going back for the concert with his coworkers. It was a long but fun day! And I forgot the card for my good camera, bummer! Here are the phone pics...

Some fun and funny purchases...
I love the new soup mixes found in the produce section at HEB!

And I love my new boots I got for the Rodeo! Of course now it has gotten warm again, but hopefully I'll get to wear them a few more times before next fall! It was quite a hunt to about 10 stores before I found them the night before the Rodeo.

They are now selling Cookie Butter at HEB, and the kids love it. Too much.

(outside altar at the church we've been attending)

 St. Joseph Altar celebration

St. Patrick's Day dinner with friends

 The kids played mass in the living room two days in a row with friends

We have a very real prayer need in our community right now. One of my dearest friends was just diagnosed with gastric cancer. She is mom to five beautiful children; the youngest is our goddaughter. They face a difficult road ahead, and we'd all appreciate your prayers. 

My blogging will probably continue to be light for awhile. I am utterly exhausted when I fall into bed, and my down-time is often Netflix instead of blogging. But you know you can count on some big photo-dumps like this one from time to time, and maybe I'll have some words to share too. 

For now, I'm in a bit of a fog, and I'm just trying to take this Lenten season and its difficulties one at a time.  God is with us every step of the way, and I know that the sufferings of this life have a meaning and a greater good that we will one day know. For today though, it's hard and I'm sad. 

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