Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am sorry for the cuteness overload...

But I bought Katie Grace a new little romper from the clearance rack at Old Navy this weekend and so I had to get some photos of her wearing it today!  She's a bit unsure about the porch swing and Bumbo seat these days, and she's working on that head control!  She brings so much joy to our family every day.  So thankful for the gift of our sweet Katherine Maria Grace :)


Laura Pearl said...

No apologies necessary! She is so adorable--I can't help smiling looking at those photos.

And her name is simply beautiful. I absolutely love it.

You are blessed!

Unknown said...

Our girlie had the same little outfit! It was one of my favorites. Of course, in her usual fashion she pooped it up beyond saving!

Lena said...

...no need to apologize. All the cuteness was meant to be shared.

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