Friday, June 06, 2014

One Hot Mess

Joining the link-up over at The Fike Life today!

The past few months this little man has been the epitome of One Hot Mess. Here's a sampling from the week.

I posted on Facebook Monday night asking for any help with ideas to entertain a 3 1/2yr old while the others are at a 1 1/2 hr swim practice every morning at 7:30am.  I got lots of great ideas and so Tuesday's practice went fairly well.  You might notice a big cut on his "thumb" toe, the first of the week's injuries, from bike riding without shoes.

We also ventured to the locker room at the Natatorium, which kept him entertained for about 2-3 minutes.  

He threw a fit about his shoes when everyone was leaving for the park, so I was left to deal with it and decided that riding his bike there wasn't a battle I wanted to fight.  He actually rode pretty fast on his little training wheels!  Another fit ensued when he realized he forgot his baseball glove, though.

On Thursday morning, he found a little playmate during the swim practice.  At one point I lost them, and the other mom assured me they were just playing under the wall of bleachers.  Soon enough he emerged with this bruiser.

This was the moment when I noticed just what a hot mess he was.  He fell asleep on the way to Daddy's basketball game last night, and I had to drag him out of the car while also pushing the stroller.  We were able to calm him down with food.  Red Gatorade is just what a fussy child needs, right?

So today I decided to brave the stores for the first time with five kids!  We went to Hobby Lobby for some summertime crafts, then to Mardel Christian book store.  Thomas did okay at Hobby Lobby, but threw a few fits in Mardel wanting different toys.  He was putting a big construction costume up on the checkout counter as I was telling him that we were not going to buy it.  He wasn't having it.

Checkout lady at Mardel to the rescue!  She had a little bin of toys for them to choose and saved the day.  I could care less that he chose a whistle and put it on his neck.  At least he didn't have a meltdown about the construction costume.

We finally arrived home for lunch (pizza from Papa Murphy's that is) and the boys were ready for a water gun war.  Without pants.  It's how he rolls.

It took me a few hours to write this post because Mr. Hotmess kept throwing fits all afternoon as I was trying to take care of some phone calls and emails.  Daddy has come home to the rescue and of course they all calm down and play outside now.  Typical.  TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amy said...

Pants are optional in our house!!!
Well....not for the grownups, so much ;)

Neen said...

He makes me smile. What a doll!

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