Sunday, June 22, 2014

Answer Me This and WIWS

1. When's the last time you got a new bathing suit?
Well, since I'm usually the one with the camera and I don't really like having my picture taken in a swimsuit, I don't recall how long I've had my current Lands End suit, but I'm guessing about three years, so this would be its fourth summer.  It's a skirt with a top, but I'm not really crazy about the fit of the top; it's a bit low-cut for my taste.  I'm loving the Lime Ricki suits that Kendra linked!  I used to find lots of great options for the girls and me at Lands End, especially since they were sold in the local Sears where we used to live.  But I haven't found much the past two summers online.  I just looked though, and see that there are quite a few girls' suits on sale on their website, so maybe we will do some swim shopping this week!  Okay, I did find one photo where I'm fairly well covered by kids.  I'll keep it the small size photo though, LOL!  I love the pink one Ellie is wearing, it's Lands End too.

2. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?
Looks like it was my friend Kate.  She's on bed rest with baby #4 and we were talking about a beach outing planned for this week and commiserating about challenging summers.  Hers is much more challenging than mine, trying to keep a baby cooking inside while entertaining little ones.  My summer is more of an mental challenge, trying to occupy ourselves these next few months while Daddy is traveling and working a lot as we prepare to move and renovate a home just as all the fall activities are starting.  I'm considering maybe starting school a little early, because I'm having a really hard time keeping everyone busy these long days of summer.

3. If you receive communion, do you receive it in the hands or on the tongue?
Tongue.  I started that in college and have continued.  The girls both received their First Holy Communion at a church where that's the only option, and our current parish also has kneelers where we receive, although some do still receive in the hands.  I feel that it helps us to be more reverent.  And today, at the feast of Corpus Christi, is a good time to think about the reverence due the Blessed Sacrament and how we can do better at showing that to our children.

Here are my first two first communicants:

4. Do you have a tattoo?
No, and I have no desire to get one.  We live in what seems like the tattoo capital of the world though.  There are tattoo parlors on every corner, and if we go to a pool or beach it seems like we are the only adults without tattoos!  My brother is the only tattoo aficionado in the family, he's got an arm-full and I don't think he's done!  His is colorful with pretty artwork (except that mask thing that he knows I don't like), but for myself I can't imagine having artwork on my body for the rest of my life.  We love Uncle Brice, tattoos and all!

5. How many dinner plates are in your house?
Hmmm, I have about 8-10 of these, which I bought from the benefit sale for the sons of my friend Kelly who passed away.  This is the everyday set that we use, although the kids mostly eat off IKEA plastic plates.  We only have about four of the smaller luncheon plates and could use a few more, because they're a perfect size for the kids!

Pfaltzgraff Heritage:

This is the everyday set that we registered for when we got married.  We broke quite a few and don't really like the bowls (they're very flat), so they sit in a box in the attic.  I'm guessing we have about 8-10.  Maybe once we move we will use them again.

Dansk Bistro Christianshaven Blue:

And this is the set of china passed down from my grandmother, although they don't actually have a "B" for our last name.  Some have an "F" from my mom's maiden name.  Maybe one of the girls will marry someone with an F last name and it will be really cool to pass them on to her!  I'd like to start using them more often for holidays and special feast days.

Princess House Heritage Platinum:

6.  Do you have an accent?
I don't think so, but I feel like people from the north have an accent, so I guess I have a southern one. I don't have a Texas twang, though!

And here's what we wore Sunday....

Sweet smocked dress for Katie Grace:

And my Walmart maxi skirt with black shirt for mama.  I'm not crazy about the Walmart skirt; I think I need to find a few more fun maxi skirts that are a little bit better quality because the nice ones really are comfy!

Can you see Ellie in the door reflection taking my picture?

Have a great week, friends!
Wish me luck at surviving the next three or so months!
I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.


Corrie said...

Oh I just found your blog and love finding other catholic mums out there with big families:)
And I have to say snap that my brother has all the tattoos for my family. He is 11 years younger so I think that's why:)
love your blog and I'll be back. We are expecting our 6th in less than 2 months and reality is hitting that I am going to have a newborn in the house again and all of the work it involves:)

Kendra Tierney said...

I love the reflection photo of your photographer! My oldest daughter is my official WIWS photographer, too.

Laura Rose said...

what a fun skirt! Fun to read all the answer me this answers too! :)

Juliana said...

Aw, cute! I got my swimsuit at this year--the catalina line is pretty nice, although it is really uneven size-wise in the bust. I got the same style suit last year when I was a month post-partum, and was literally swimming in it (probably should have ordered a size down, but the cups were huge!) and this year I ordered my regular size, and the cups are a wee small (and I'm small chested! Can't imagine how it would look on a bustier girl!)

Anyway, I think I need to check out land's end! It is so hard to find nice one-piece suits these days.

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