Friday, August 17, 2007

Homeschool Planning

(edited to add links!)

It's been a busy week with visits from priests and friends, a few meetings and classes, and a quick visit to a big state homeschool conference down the street! The forecast says rain again, but the sky looks clear and blue...We're trying to decide whether to venture to the pool. You just never know in Texas, and I'd hate to get all ready and then arrive only to rain and a closed pool. We'll see... (Edited to add that although the forecast said rain all day, it didn't rain until almost 4pm! We should've tried the pool! But we did go buy a baby shower gift and the girls had tons of fun looking at everything in Babies R Us!)

I've been trying to organize our homeschool room and figure out exactly how and when I want to start this new school year, hopefully the beginning of September. Mary Clare is still only 4 1/2, but I think she's ready for some more formal lessons and kindergarten materials. We will probably try to do about 3 days of "school" each week for an hour or so, once I get everything ordered and my room somewhat organized! Here's what I'm planning so far, mostly using Laura Berquist's Mother of Divine Grace Curriculum (as well as all the kindergarten and first grade materials I have from teaching):

*Singapore Earlybird 2A and 2B
Number and addition flashcards and manipulatives

Language Arts-
100 Easy Lessons
Phonics activities, flashcards, games
Reading good books!
*Handwriting Without Tears

Bible reading and dictation (Bible Notebook)
Saint stories
Liturgical feasts, celebrations, and activities throughout the church year

*A Child’s Garden of Verses
Poetry Notebook

*Mommy, It’s a Renoir
Illustrating Bible stories and Nature Notebook

Animal books and encyclopedias
Nature activities and notebook

Also, with our homeschool group:
First Friday preschool classes
Weekly Fine Arts and Nature clubs
Field trips
Possibly dance classes

*s are for things I still need to order! Better get on the ball!
Let me know if you have any ideas or comments!


Anonymous said...

Blair - this sounds like a great plan. Please let me know how I can it tracking down school supplies or any other creative device you might need for your classroom...I'd love to contribute.

Colleen said...

I love how you are including art and poetry even at a young age. Even though Jonathan is going to a private school, I want to supplement his education with more art, poetry, and literature. I felt like my education in those areas was a bit lacking. I love reading about the resources you are using. I need to check them out myself.

Lillian said...


You can get Singapore and Handwriting w/o Tears at the Tomball Homeschooling store.

It was sooooooooo good seeing you Thursday!!! We're finally home. *sigh of relief*

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