Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Sunny Saturday in Texas

is a profitable day for a Lemonade Stand! Mary Clare was begging to have one all week, so today was the day! Somehow the girls braved the heat for about 45 minutes and got about 6 customers. I think this will be a continuing venture for the sisters!


Celeste Creates said...

Jacob loves to sell stuff in the front yard too. He was asking me yesterday, but we didn't have the ingredients for the cake he wants to sell. This week for sure.

Colleen said...

You have quite the little business woman on your hands!

Rachel said...

That is so sweet. I remember many a day spent "selling" lemonade or Kool-Aid. Now, if I ever see kids selling drinks or cookies, I can't bear to drive by and not by anything. Keep up the hard work, Mary Claire!

Mrs. G said...

hahaha! how cute!

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