Monday, August 27, 2007

Saving Your Blog?

Just wondering if anyone has saved their blog to their hard drive or printed it out? I don't want to lose any of these precious memories, especially since I've yet to get pictures in an album since before Ellie was born! Thanks for any advice!


Lillian said...

I've been wondering the EXACT same thing. My blog is as close as I'll ever get to scrapbooking! LOL!

Kristen said...

I print mine occasionally (only once so far since it is relatively new). I use Austin's print quota at A&M for now, so it is "free." I plan on binding it because it is taking the place of what used to be my mommy journal of cute family moments. Good luck!

Amy Parris said...

My husband is the one who encouraged me to do this just in case anything ever happens to blogger.

I compose the entry in blogger then copy and paste it into Word (where I spellcheck) and save it in a folder on our hard drive.

My husband thinks it would be easier to do it the other way around but I like the preview option when composing, especially when using pictures.

Megan said...

I saved all my updates and made a book at shutterfly. It turned out SOOO wonderfully. It took some time, but it is much easier for me than scrapbooking.

Colleen said...

The latest post at Moms Who Blog ( tells how to back up your blog. I hope it helps!

Blair said...

Thanks so much, everyone!

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