Friday, March 22, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Another day at the Botanical Gardens

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I'm a bit late, last night I was just tooooo tired to load the photos and post.  My toddler is reallllly giving me a run for my money with lack of sleep and just general toddlerness.  I am running out of steam in a major way, but just one more week until our Easter break where we'll spend a week visiting family and friends.  Can't wait!

Days like this Nature Club meeting help me to make it through the hard weeks.  I need the outdoors and interaction with other people who aren't on a Facebook screen.  Yay for beautiful days at the Botanical Gardens!

There were so many butterflies in the butterfly enclosure this time!
They've trimmed back all the plans and it looks great!  
We could have spent all morning in there!
Mary Clare even found a leaf shaped like a butterfly.

(No I have no idea where he got the scratch across his neck.
He woke up with it on Monday morning.)

There were these two butterflies that were....
Then they flew away connected to each other!

Lots of funny kids with the big butterfly wings!

Loving the nice deer sculpture...

Oh how really refreshing it is to be outdoors with a big group of friends!
(Birdwatching. They found a cardinal)

Outdoors+friends+pretty weather+painting=happy kids and happy mama!

So thankful for a really nice day!


Rebekah Es said...

Those are the best days...that's just the kind of memories you want to create for your children: nature, friends, beauty.

Neen said...

Looks like you had a beautiful time with the butterflies!

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