Saturday, March 02, 2013

Ballerina Blues

Our poor Ellie contracted a stomach virus the night after the dress rehearsal for their big ballet this weekend.  She wasn't able to perform for the student shows yesterday that some of our friends attended.  And both sets of grandparents had to cancel their trips here yesterday and today.  She's better but her strength isn't back and I'm not sure she'll have the stamina to perform tonight as she so desires.

It has been a lesson for all of us this weekend.  After practicing for months, being chosen for four different roles, and being so very excited about performing for friends and family, she is left with sickness and disappointment.  This Friday of Lent was sure a day of suffering, although for a reason that could seem petty, it was extremely hard for all of us to see her missing something she loves so much.

But what can you do?  We have to suffer.  Some children have to suffer unimaginable illnesses in their little lives.  Some have to suffer hunger or abuse or neglect.  Some suffer in war-torn nations.  And so if missing a ballet production due to a stomach virus is one of our more difficult trials this year, we have a lot to be thankful for.  I was reminded of this quote of our Pope Emeritus from a 2008 Audience:

"Even suffering is part of the truth of our life. Thus, trying to shield the youngest from every difficulty and experience of suffering, we risk creating, despite our good intentions, fragile persons of little generosity: The capacity to love, in fact, corresponds to the capacity to suffer, and to suffer together."

And so, we suffer together.  Hopefully we are learning to be more compassionate and to love more deeply.  Please pray for us and for our sweet Ellie, who has ballet running through her veins.  Maybe she will perk up and be able to dance tonight, or maybe we suffer a little more for Jesus.  As our wonderful Catholic pediatrician reminded me, it will make Ellie's Easter all that much sweeter!  And her First Holy Communion filled with that much more grace!


Rosie said...

Poor thing! That's so disappointing :( But a great opportunity to reflect on the meaning of sacrifice in the Lenten context.

Andrea said...

This is a beautiful reflection, Blair. And so true.
I hope everyone will be on the upswing soon!

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