Friday, March 08, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

I need this sign on our front door this week.  I changed a diaper to rival all diapers this evening.  I'll spare you the details.  But yes, all 4 children have now had the vomiting part of the virus.  Hoping that somehow Steven and I are spared.  Pretty sure it's the nastiest illness our family has ever had. Although in the midst of illness, it always seems like it's the worst thing ever!  My pediatrician friend says it's the Norovirus.  Steven has nearly lost hope that he will be able to avoid it.  Please, Lord.  Have mercy on us!

On the bright side, even though I have gotten zero exercise, I have pretty much lost my appetite this week!  Except Daddy came home with take-out from Luby's Cafeteria tonight.  Fried Chicken, my downfall.  Oh, and I got some snacks at a late night HEB escape yesterday.  I just now chowed down on some amazing "pirate booty" style snacks and earlier had some fresh whipped cream with strawberries.  Yum.  My toddler is currently awake eating out of a giant "milk carton" style box of Goldfish crackers.  It's how we roll.  Maybe he'll sleep in tomorrow and no one will wake me up with puking or other stinky bodily functions!  One can always hope!  Maybe I'll even get more than 3hrs of sleep!

Cardinal Dolan, I'm rooting for you!  I know the Holy Spirit will inspire the Cardinals to elect the best man for the papacy, and a Pope from America is a longshot.  But the more I learn about Cardinal Dolan, the more I think about how great a Holy Father he would be.  We also got to attend mass with him about a year ago (scroll way down)!  It's neat to think about having a new Pope at Easter.  I surely can't wait to find out who he is.  Everyone in our family is praying for one of the Cardinals.  Our homeschool group has a list so that we cover them all!

We watched the Rosary and Holy Hour at St. Peter's Basilica live online.  What a cool experience that was, to pray with the shepherds of the Church at the same time around the world on Wednesday!  I hope we can actually take the kids there one day.  It has been neat reading Jenny's blog; she's living in Rome with her young family right now.  What a great time to be in the Eternal City!

I think next week will need to be a screen-free week.  After a week of full-time Netflix and iPhone entertainment during this illness, it's going to be a rough one.  I once again have a toddler addicted to Curious Buddies (which he calls "Carrie the Bunny"), and Mama has gotten re-addicted to Facebook and blogs this week.  I hope our nice weather will continue and we can spend lots of time outside.  Maybe we'll start a Papal Lapbook, too, or at least a few activities from Jessica's amazing Unit Study and resources.  I surely have cabin fever after spending most of the week in my bedroom with little floor beds made up for different children each day.

Photography by my 10yr old!

Oh my goodness, I must get in bed and make my non-sleeping child go to sleep!  He is watching some horrendous penguin cartoon on Netflix where they are just making noises like they're talking, but aren't really talking.  It's so annoying it's almost scary.  This one may be worse than Yo Gabba Gabba, my least favorite kid show.  I might have nightmares if I don't turn this off right this instant!  Goodnight and Happy Weekending, friends!


jen said...

#2: We have the same gigantic container of Goldfish. :)

#3: Even though I'm not Catholic, I'm a Dolan fan as well.

#6: Your 10 year old has a good eye.

Melissa D. said...

good luck to you . . . whew what a week. I hope everyone is feeling better very soon. Agree, the photography is very good. Fun to see all of your pics.

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

Sorry everybody is sick. They really should make a hazmat suit for Moms when they have to take care of sicko kids.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, no love for Pingu?

I hope you all get better, right quick!

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