Monday, March 04, 2013

Some backyard photos...and gastro misery...

Let's start with some happy things like dancing girls...

and baseball boys...

And who doesn't love a diaper-clad toddler using a fishing rod as a gun to "shoot tigers" in the backyard?

So I think we must have some kind of curse with stomach viruses in this city.  This is the FIFTH one to hit our family since we moved here a little over a year ago.  This is ridiculous.  Now we have Steven Joseph down for the count, and I'm scared I'll be up with him all night.  I have to do solo-duty tomorrow night and I'm going to need some major graces and prayer to make it through! 

I am really hoping no one else comes down with it, especially me while I'm trying to take care of sick kids and laundry nastiness.  I thought Ellie was pretty much better, but poor thing was still facing stomach cramps today and spent most of the time lying down.  It is wiping them out!  I've got some major sinus pain going on that isn't helping my attitude or energy level.  No fun!

My friend warned me this was a bad one (Norovirus, I guess?), but I was trying to be hopeful!  I am sure thankful for our wonderful Catholic pediatrician who is right now chatting with me on Facebook.  What a blessing!  Hoping they don't get dehydrated or anything like that.  Pushing fluids, using our essential oils, and rest, that's the name of the game here this week.  And so much for leaving my computer addiction behind.  I need some kind of adult communication and crutch this week.

Thanks for praying for us, friends!

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