Friday, March 29, 2013

Thoughts on Holy Thursday

I always have a deep desire to share the Triduum services with my little family, but somehow I end up resigned to the reality that it just doesn't seem like our "season" to participate in all these services.  It makes me sad, because I have such fond memories of celebrating the beautiful liturgies while in college.  But it also makes me grateful to just be right where I am right now, living out these days in our own ways.  Oh, but I'm wistful while looking at photos of our friends at church tonight.  I actually just saw pictures of our own parish where the children did the feet washing!  Maybe next year...

The girls had their own special day today with Daddy.  It started before 5:00am when they suited up for their first hunting trip!  They went turkey hunting and had a wonderful time, even though they didn't come home with any turkeys.  Mary Clare really loved it and is now saying that's what she wants to do for her next birthday, which I told Steven was saying a lot with these girls.  Their birthday activities are big deals, planned months in advance.  We'll see if the birthday hunting party plan sticks around come next January!

As for our activities this evening, God knows what I need.  Once I was ready to acknowledge that the kids wouldn't be able to handle the mass tonight, I decided I'd go ahead and attend an essential oils class down the street by myself.  I had a difficult debate in my oils class compared to Holy Thursday Mass?  Why was there even a question of what the "right" thing to do would be?  And yet, to the oils class I went.  And God knew what I needed.  I needed another push to get back on the train of health for myself and my family.  I needed encouragement.  I needed to be inspired to make the decision once again (and every few days/weeks) that I can and will work on my diet and my own health so I can be a good mama for my kids.  I have all these local friends and now a mini-arsenal of essential oils to help treat mind and body of things that plague us.  I've had a rough few weeks with illness and motivation.  My eczema has given me so much pain and frustration, and Steven has been gone a lot.  I have needed some time to focus on me, and tonight was a real gift.

I love this photo of Ellie searching for ladybugs in her camo!

Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day of focus on Our Lord as we attend the Stations of the Cross, go to Confession (Ellie's First!), and have some time of fellowship with our friends.   As we head into Easter weekend and our own little Spring Break week, I hope that some time away from home is just what our minds and bodies need.  Maybe we'll get back in a better sleeping routine (the 2yr old slept until 10am and is still awake after midnight!), and I know our time with friends and family will nourish our spirits to make it through these last 2 months of the homeschooling year.  It should be a nice break from housework and homeschooling and our days that can sometimes seem monotonous.

May God's presence be known in a tangible way to each of us this Holy Triduum, whether in reverent liturgies, in joyful family gatherings, or in the little moments with our family and friends that help us to know that He loves us and gave ALL so that we could choose HIM.

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