Sunday, March 03, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Another week without a peasant skirt, yay! 
A-line skirt (Merona) with black shirt and blue sweater.
Grey tights with Mary Jane-type shoes
Ugh, fuzzy pic.  Sorry!
 Maybe this one is a little less fuzzy,
and you can see my (old) shoes!  Steven shined them for me this morning :)
Happy to say that I've stayed off white flour and sugar for the most part this week,
and I think I've lost at least 5 pounds!  That's one (selfish) benefit for Lenten fasting!
I can almost fit into those black slacks I'm hoping to wear one of these Sundays :)

Jewelry from my mommy :)

I had a little Lenten reflection on suffering yesterday.  Happy to say that Ellie did perform in her ballet last night.  We are still recovering from a difficult few days, but are glad for a Sunday without ballet rehearsals. I'll try to load the other photos and a video later today (of the teacups!), but here they are in one of their other costumes, the butterflies...

Daddy is grilling up some steak and chicken, then he gets t-ball duty this afternoon.  Praise God no one else has gotten sick!  We were very late to mass today, but Mary Clare and I did still sing with the choir.  I loved the recessional today, "O Sacred Head Surrounded." Such a meaningful Lenten hymn.  I think it's one of my favorites.  What's your favorite Lenten hymn?

More Sunday best at Fine Linen and Purple!


Anonymous said...

Way to belt it, Blair! And that blue is really nice on you.

I like "When I Survey That Wondrous Cross." Is that a Lenten hymn?

Kathryn said...

Blair, blue and black complement you well! Nicely done. Way to go on the 5 pounds - awesome.

Beth Cotell said...

Great color combo and congrats on the 5 pounds.

Erica Saint said...

Very pretty jewelry! You look very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the five pounds! You look lovely. I'm with you-- "Oh Sacred Head Surrounded" is my favorite.

Shannon said...

That skirt's length and shape really flatter your figure, and I love that belt!

Rosie said...

I'm so glad Ellie got to perform!

You loo great - the cut of the dress & the belted cardigan are perfect for your figure.

Jeannine said...

You look really wonderful. The outfit is classic, and the lines are so lovely. congrats on your weight loss!

Your hair and makeup are very pretty, too.

Love the sparkly fairies.

Andrea said...

This is a very flattering outfit on you Blair! You look so beautiful!
That's awesome that you've lost 5 lbs this week! It's taken me like a month of 1.5-2 hours in the gym and watching what I eat to loose 9. That is such a blessing that it will just fall of you like that! Way to go and be healthy!

so many things to love... said...

I love your belt! I tried to belt this week too and I'm liking the results.

Stephanie said...

You look amazing, Blair, and I love your jewelry! It's not quite in the hymn category, but one of my favorite songs to listen to during Lent is Matt Maher's "Flesh and Bone." Hope you're having a good week =)

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