Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Motivation and Insta-collage

some little moments from the past week...
 Top L: sleeping boys during ballet makes for quiet mommy time, Tommy loved the cows near the baseball field, and running down the sidewalk at baseball practice.
 2nd row: Steven scored a free globe from a guy down the hall from his office (we've always wanted a globe and he doesn't like my pink one I got with my Mom Cave gift card!), SJ took this pic in the backyard to email to NeNe, and fun at JoAnn Fabric store with the girls I'm pondering fabric for curtains in the master one day.
 3rd row: kids decided to wash the cars in their church clothes yesterday, working girls this morning with diaper clad toddler (he hates clothes), and Sam's pizza for yummy and cheesy!

One unique aspect of the past week or two hasn't been photographed, but is well imprinted in our minds.  MOUSE IN THE HOUSE!  I spotted the 2nd mouse in our house over the weekend and I think we've caught it.  The girls and I are all crazy freaked out about these critters.  I don't know where they're coming in and I am grateful that Steven is taking care of the traps and the disposal.  We like to keep the back door open during the beautiful weather, but maybe that's a bad idea.  Hoping we get this problem cleared up very soon!!!

And Holy Week begins.  It should be a regular week of activities, plus packing for Houston and prep for Ellie's sacraments.  I always struggle with how to participate in the Holy Week services with the children.  I would so very much love to attend all the services of the Triduum, but the kids are not at the point to be able to handle that.  This year, Steven will be off work on Good Friday, so I'm hoping we'll be able to attend the Stations of the Cross at 3:00 at our parish, as we also take Ellie to receive her First Confession there.  Maybe one of us can take the girls to the Holy Thursday Mass.  Easter Sunday will be spent with family in Houston joyfully sharing the Resurrection with those we love!  We can't wait!

Goals from last week:
1. Bills, update budget (YAY, I finally updated our budget on!)
2. Daily readings
3. Workout 2x (I'm having a very hard time making it to Zumba these days.  I think it's about time for a treadmill.)
4. Stay off white flour and sugar (I haven't done so well with this, but am trying to keep it minimal)
5. Read to the kids every day
6. Plan for Ellie's first confession
7. Stay calm and patient when prepping (1hr ahead) for ballet and baseball
8. Start the day with something fun
9. Spend a lot of time just sitting with them in the schoolroom
10. Work on intentional relationships with the kids, being sensitive to their needs and responsive to their feelings
11. Meals: Rotisserie chicken wraps and salad, baked chicken, breakfast for dinner, pizza, leftovers

Goals for this week:
1. File paperwork and make bill phone call
2. Daily readings
3. Workout 1x
4. Minimal white flour and sugar
5. Read to the kids daily
6. Prep for Ellie's First Confession on Good Friday
7. Early prep before ballet and t-ball
8. Pack for Houston
9. Mementos for Ellie's table at reception
10. Sew sleeves on her dress and take portraits
11. Meals: We have 2 t-ball games and 2 days of ballet, plus Steven will probably be out of town at some point.  This week will be scrounging, leftovers, and things like breakfast/cereal for dinner.

Hope you all have a blessed Holy Week.  If I don't make it back on again, we'll see you after Easter!!!


Celeste Creates said...

Shoot me an email. We can talk mice. Experts.

Melissa D. said...

hahaha! I wouldn't go in the kitchen by myself at night for a week after my first mouse sighting. The second one literally just scampered into the living room while I was nursing the baby and Ralph was putting the big kids to bed. I didn't want to scream b/c I had the baby, but it really freaked me out. Fortunately the two I saw were truthfully cute little mice, not big nasty rats . . . but still--gross! good luck!

Kimberly said...

I can tell you about mice too! We moved Rebecca into the "bonus" room over Christmas...and she FREAKED out when a mouse came out of her closet. David did trap it eventually, but our girl still refuses to sleep without a night-light! We've trapped 3-4 in our attic before too. BTW...they don't like cheese. Peanut butter is the best bait. Just sayin'! ;-)

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