Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Motivation and Instagram collage

 Little moments from the week.  Starting top left: 
Top row: making houses with math blocks, somebody doesn't like naptime anymore (still asks to nurse but we weaned a month ago!), the announcement of our new POPE, and Pope Francis' first mass.
2nd row: Ellie took pics of the Sistine chapel, a broken votive of St. Therese, a messy but well-used schoolroom, and ballerina girl reading American Girl catalog.
3rd row: Ellie found a dress!, MC got some new shirts that make her look old!, started my favorite First Communion book with Ellie, and Ellie's new tunic.
4th row: making playdough this morning,  playing playdough this morning, photographing herself getting a bun, and HE WON Instant winner sticker at HEB :)


Another Monday over.  Today was actually a pretty good Monday.  I didn't make it to Zumba like I'd hoped (made it on Saturday!), but I woke around 7:30 and started the day by making homemade playdough on the stove top.  The boys were entertained with that for much of the day, and the girls actually got almost all of their schoowork done before ballet class this afternoon! 

We end up postponing science and history sometimes, but I'm not worried since the kids get so many real life experiences and lessons in these subjects.  This weekend the girls were explaining to me why Pluto is no longer considered a planet.  We've never studied planets or astronomy in our homeschool, and I was amazed at their explanation.  It made me a little more confident that only doing a few days of science and history a week is quite sufficient for them right now.  I think I only did each of those subjects twice a week in public elementary school, and that's usually what we do at home.

We're working on weaning ourselves from electronics after two "off" weeks with sickness.  We did have one big fit thrown about movie-watching today which included a bag of chips being thrown across the room, littering the floor, couch, and prayer altar with crumbs.  Mama was not a happy camper.  But overall, a successful day, which even ended in an HEB grocery trip with the boys while the girls were at ballet!  We're stocked up on our fruit and snacks for the week, and won't run out of toilet paper!

This week I'm hoping to get back into real life again.  I had high hopes for last week, but then wasn't feeling well myself.  And we have spent so much time at home trying to recover; I'm ready to get outside!  We did have a great St. Patrick's party at church last night, and I had a fun Saturday afternoon with the girls, shopping for about 6 hours for a Communion dress and other clothes.  We have Nature Club on Thursday, and Steven's t-ball games start this week.  We'll enjoy our last weekend home before our Easter week in Houston!  We can't wait to celebrate with family, take our own little "Spring Break," and then celebrate Ellie's First Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday.  We haven't been back "home" or seen any family since Christmas, so we are more than ready for this trip!

This is kinda cheating, but I'm going to start crossing off some of the goals even if I didn't do them *every* day.  If I tried and did it most days, that's gonna count.  I need to get some more things crossed off each week!  I was glad to hear that a friend enjoys my Monday Motivation posts; I usually don't get many comments on these, but they are good for me to get in writing so I don't really mind.  But it's nice to know they might help someone else too!

Goals from last week:
1. Bills, update budget
2. Daily readings (most days)
3. Workout 2x  (just 1x)
4. Stay off white flour and sugar (for the most part)
5. Read to the kids every day! (most days we've read at least one book)
6. Plan for Ellie's first Confession (still discerning this)
7. First Communion dress and planning
8. Stay calm and patient when prepping for ballet and baseball practice, start ONE HOUR ahead!
9. Start school by 9am; no electronics until school is done.
10. Meals: Leftovers, spaghetti, pasta bake (not sure what I'll eat on these nights!), King Ranch chicken, Breakfast for dinner.

Goals for this week:
1. Bills, update budget (one of these days I'll get back on my budget, it's one of those things that seems so overwhelming until you actually do it).
2. Daily readings
3. Workout 2x
4. Stay off white flour and sugar
5. Read to the kids every day
6. Plan for Ellie's first confession
7. Stay calm and patient when prepping (1hr ahead) for ballet and baseball
8. Start the day with something fun
9. Spend a lot of time just sitting with them in the schoolroom
10. Work on intentional relationships with the kids, being sensitive to their needs and responsive to their feelings
11. Meals: Rotisserie chicken wraps and salad, baked chicken, breakfast for dinner, pizza, leftovers

 Have a great week, friends!!!

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