Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Monday of Spring NOT Break!

Halfway through Lent.  Three weeks until Easter.  Four weeks until First Holy Communion for Ellie.  10 days from the start of our nasty stomach virus that has all but left our home.  PRAISE THE LORD!

So instead of Monday Motivation, I'll be doing Monday Repeat of last week.  I pretty much did nothing but take care of sick children.  But here are some of those goals that I REALLY need to work on this week...

Prayer and Confession (plan for E's First Confession)
Update budget on (ugh)
NO ELECTRONICS until school is over
Start school at 9am.  No big breaks until lunchtime.
2 days of working out

And an Instagram collage.  I am having SO much fun on Instagram!
From top left: SJ doing some handwriting while MC creates her own Texas Lapbook, chips and salsa at like 11pm, resting on the swing after day one of Norovirus (Ellie), boys playing on scooter and trike.
2nd row: Tommy on his trike, girls as Grubworms, Ellie the teacup, Tommy begging me to make a Monster Truck with Duplos!
3rd row: Trying to enjoy the outdoors in the midst of our illness as Tommy kicks a football around in his diaper, MC had taken this photo of my old pointe shoes that she added new ribbons to, Tommy swinging Ellie, and a photo of the dolls I found on the phone
4th row: Walking back from the mailbox in capris and flip flops--Spring almost here, Steven with his mohawk that his hair naturally wants to do, boys playing in our newly-CLEANED-OUT garage (yay us!), and my new Instagram profile pic ;)

Hope it's a great week, friends!  And those on Spring Break, have a blast!

1 comment:

Rebekah Es said...

I LOVE your slice of life photos, tells so much!

We are also working on "read to kids every day!" and adding "pray together every day!" So hard to keep priorities straight, but when they are, life is happier.

Nominated you for a Leibster, and tagged you for Five Things, so sorry if you have already had this, just ignore, but I thought it was fun. Details on my blog for today:

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