Monday, October 01, 2007

Around the House

We finally did some bed-moving this weekend! We'd been hoping to find a trundle or something for the girls' room, but decided to go ahead and move the king mattress my parents gave us into their room. Last night was the first night the girls slept in their room together! They have usually been sleeping on the queen air mattress on the floor of the office, where Ellie rolls all around the floor. I think the king on the floor will be a good transition until we can find something else that will work. We didn't have any bed visitors until 4:30am, yay!

Their "new" room!

We moved the twin bed from the girls' room to the office. I don't quite have bedding that works, but I think we'll be painting this room an "officey" color (maybe tan or forest green) and putting up some of Steven's hunting prints.

Monday morning around here hasn't been the greatest. I slept in (always bad), and finally got up to make MC some toast with jelly. I dropped the glass jelly jar which shattered all over the kitchen floor! So it was time for "mopping". Hands and knees are getting a little hard with my growing belly, so here is my new method of floor-cleaning...flip flops with a wet rag under one foot and a dry one under the other! It worked out fairly well!

And here is what I have yet to do around the house...beware, they are pretty scary! But I need to hold myself accountable since I'm having a homeschool planning meeting here at 3pm! Lots to do!

Here is Peter's room which has become the 2nd playroom for the girls...yikes!

And the playroom...

As far as homeschooling goes...we're going rather slowly. Mary Clare likes to be in control of what's going on and right now I just don't want to make it a battle. There's no rhyme or reason to when we have school and what we do, but hopefully we'll get into a better groove in the coming months (yeah, as a new baby arrives, who am I kidding?). I'm not stressing over it though, she catches on quickly and I know once she decides she wants to do some of the phonics and reading activities she'll get more excited about it all. Right now she's testing me...and I don't have the energy to fight. So their activity of choice these days is dolls...which is why the playroom and nursery look the way they do! But they're playing well together so I can't complain :)

Hope everyone is having a more successful Monday than me ;)


Em said...

Okay, Blair, are you baiting me to comment??!!!
If you could just show some more pictures of your house on a Monday morning (and your car, too, if you get a chance)..... they always make me feel sooooooooo good inside. Not, of course, because I consider myself to be better housekeeper.... but because I think we all have areas like that that, to date, I am too afraid to show anyone. You go girl for telling it like it is! Someday soon I will be brave enough to show some of our "problem" rooms as far as kids and disasters go. I always thought I was the only one to have a room like that (or two or three or four). I had to let a water guy in our house (who had the nerve to show up unexpectedly to check our meter in the basement because he suspected a leak).... My floors were filthy and he tripped on an apple right as he came in the front door (the humiliation!). Then he had to practically SLIDE down the pile of laundry I had thrown down the stairs before reaching the bottom where he had to gingerly step over the contents of not one, not two, but THREE unpacked boxes that were strewn everywhere. Sigh. Anyway, thanks for letting me get that off my chest!
I feel sooooooooooo much better now!

Colleen said...

Hang in there, Blair! I felt bad about how little I was able to do with Jonathan when I was pregnant, too. Celebrate what you do get done and don't worry about all the rest!!

Lillian said...

Hey, that looks like our play room!!

Love the girls' room! Looks wonderful!!

Celeste Creates said...

Prayers for a better Tuesday. I like the mopping method. I'll have to try it - even if I am not pregnant!

Blair said...

Thanks, ladies. Oh Emily, I've been missing your blogging :) Things got better the rest of the day. MC actually helped me clean the playroom before the guests. The poor nursery is still in dire straits, but it'll get done sometime I'm sure. Glad you liked the mopping method, Celeste! It actually worked pretty well...all that "knee grease" ;)

Jill said...

I love how you tell it like it is. My mopping method when pregnant was kicking things under the table where they weren't so visible and then handing the kids baby wipes and letting them scrub the floor. :)

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