Sunday, October 21, 2007

Super Saturday

The week of craziness has ended! No, for those who are wondering, that is not a typical week for me. Yes, I'm a busy person and love participating in lots of activities and hosting different events. But that week was really exhausting! Although the next few weeks will still hold some big activities with All Saints' Day, First Friday, Halloween, and some other events I'll probably blog about...well, then we're into November and approaching Thanksgiving, Advent, Peter's arrival and Christmas...I'm hoping that was the busiest week for awhile!

Saturday we enjoyed a quiet morning at home and then around lunchtime ventured out to a festival in our area, celebrating a new "village" of our neighboring community. We had a great time!

Who would've thought that Ellie (my scaredy cat) would want to go on a kayak with Steven???

Not much longer till MC gets kicked out of the double stroller! It's getting hard to push!


Beading necklaces

And decorating rocks!

Last night we spent the evening at my parents' house and brought home their male cocker spaniel, Duke, since their female is in heat and he's going a little wild. Well, Duke didn't do much better at our house...howling and barking and crying until midnight when I put him in the garage (he's not fully housebroken). Then he escaped from our backyard this morning as we were getting ready for mass. We couldn't find him, but my dad actually drove over and found him at someone's home in our neighborhood. The dog had already ventured to the main road...I think he was trying to get home to his wife! Needless to say, we don't have Duke here anymore...

Today was also a children's festival at our parish but I didn't get any pictures of it. Tomorrow should be a rather quiet day with maybe just a little trip to the library. I should also get the results of my glucose test to see how these last 8 weeks of pregnancy will be! Everyone is asleep here at 10:00pm so I better enjoy the quiet night and catch some zzzz's myself before another week really begins...

Hope it's a great one for all!

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