Friday, October 12, 2007

Mary Clare's Nursling

Ellie insisted on bringing her pink blankey "my ray ray", and both girls brought a doll into Wal-Mart the other day. After awhile the girls always end up walking and not sitting in the cart. But Ellie was grabbing and smelling her blanket through the side of the cart while walking alongside it (it was naptime, and my girls have a 'thing' about the smell of their blankets). At one point Mary Clare wanted to get back in the cart and hold her doll. Then she grabbed Ellie's blanket, throwing Ellie into absolute hysterics. "But Mommy, I need to nurse my baby and I don't want anyone to see my tummy!", she responded. I tried to convince her that she could discreetly nurse using her little sling, which was also in the cart, but she refused. I don't think her doll got to eat on that outing ;)


Em said...

Oh how terribly unfortunate. Perhaps she should attend some La Leche League meetings until she is over her nursing "shyness." Or, if she isn't interested in that there is always my personal favorite from way back in the day when I first had Nathan and was scared to show skin: nursing in the bathroom stall of whatever establishment we were frequenting. Perhaps baby DOLLS don't mind eating in the bathroom, though my own baby humans never seemed too fond of the idea. Anyway, just some ideas to try in all your free time!!! LOL! One more reason to repeatedly escort a two year old to the bathroom during a stressful store trip.... FUN!!!!

Colleen said...

That's adorable!

B-Mama said...

She's already so tuned into her maternal instincts. Must have a good mommy, who provides a great example. Very cute!

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