Friday, October 12, 2007

No, I'm not starting a daycare

But the current contents of Peter's room would sure make it look like one! And there's even one swing missing in this picture! I think for Mary Clare all we had was a carseat and a bouncy chair. Now (thanks to our generous sis-in-laws) we have 2 bouncy chairs, 3 swings, an exersaucer, a johnny jump-up, a walker, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. Most of these items had been previously banned by my sweet hubby; we'll see how many survive until baby's arrival! I've been waiting to pass some of these things along, and hoping that some of our weekly baby guests for my various meetings would get some use out of them, but the only users so far have been the girls' baby dolls and the girls themselves! Mary Clare was "walking" around the house in the walker last night. The issue right now is that the exersaucer has a problem and there is a button that's malfunctioning and playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on and off all night long! It's a little freaky because the button actually has a face with blinking red eyes and looks a little possessed as it plays...on...and...on...Hopefully it will break in the next few hours!

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