Friday, October 26, 2007

Twas a Calm Week

Before the storm of Halloween, All Saints' Day, and First Friday activities! Lots of costumes, accessories, event-planning, and other little details still need to be finalized, but I'm glad this week was a relaxing one where we spent most of our time at home.

Thank you for your prayers yesterday. We had a wonderful Holy Hour at the Planned Parenthood clinic. I hadn't prayed at an abortion clinic since last year when we lived in Aggieland. We pulled up to see "Sergeant Steve", the PP security guy who has been out at this clinic and the one in Aggieland from the beginning. That eerie familiarity was there, kind of like I was "home" back on the front lines again. We were able to pray a rosary and some litanies and pray specifically for some young women who appeared to be leaving the clinic after an abortion :(

The girls did really well and hardly ventured near the street until the last few minutes! I told MC that we were going to a doctor office to pray for babies in their mommies' tummies. She didn't ask much else, and for that I am thankful at this time. My prayers are with all those who go out there on a weekly basis to pray and minister to the men and women who have been or might be harmed by abortion. I really miss this ministry and hope that, if abortion is still legal (which I hope it's not), I might be able to do more in the future.

My pictures from yesterday were accidentally erased and I am camera-less this weekend while hubby camps and fishes on his last hurrah before baby arrives! Hopefully he'll have some exciting pictures of some big fish! Speaking of fishing, a friend gave us a crib last night and I am on the lookout for a dresser and some "fishy" bedding for Peter's room. Less than 8 weeks until his arrival...I can't believe it! My belly is getting really big and he's poking me all over the place this week! I definitely feel like I'm in the home stretch now!

Well, the girls have been playing dress up and I think it's about time they "dress up" for bed! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


B-Mama said...

Blair, wonderful that you all were able to be there, be present, and be peaceful and prayerful in the face of such sadness. Oh and great explanation to MC regarding the clinic... I'm not sure how I would have addressed it! Your words were simple and perfect.

Prayers, B

Jill said...

I can't believe it's only 8 weeks either! You really are on the homestretch. Can't wait to 'meet' him.

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