Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Terrific Tuesday...

Because it ended with a most wonderful Evening of Reflection...exactly what my soul needed today! We had Adoration and Benediction (that sweet smell of incense was honey to my heart!), I signed up first on the list for Confession, heard a beautiful talk and meditation on God's will, and just enjoyed the evening of quiet time with My Lord.

The topic of the reflection, "Respond to God's Love with Love, Doing His Will" was very appropriate for this time in my life. My mind is spinning with a thousand things, my days are very full, and honestly I'm not sure how many of my daily activities I've actually taken to Christ first...to discern if they are something I should be doing. How can I love him best? It's so hard to discern especially when my prayer life seems full of distraction. Father also reflected on the "rich man" in the Gospel of Matthew and the importance of detachment. Just an evening full of deep spiritual thoughts and motivations for my spiritual life.

As for the rest of the day, we had a fun time this morning with the twins added to the mix! The kids all played well together and we only had a few crazy moments of me getting important phone calls while children got into the wet backyard, etc. We couldn't find Mary Clare's tap shoes when it was time for dance, because they were in the Lost and Found box at the studio! Then after we got home from dance class, the girls let the dog out of the backyard once again, unbeknownst to me until 2 girls showed up at the front door with him! Timber must be up for some real adventure this week...what, 3 escapes so far?

Tomorrow should be a rather quiet day with only one lunchtime meeting. Hopefully I can get some housework done and rest up for the next few days which hold a doctor appointment, field trip, baby shower, and more! Better catch some zzzz's before it's too much later! I'll leave you with a picture of the girls from Sunday morning before mass :)


Celeste Creates said...

Where did you go to your evening of recollection?

Blair said...

Northwoods Catholic School in Spring. The Regnum Christi lay movement (which I'm a part of) offers mornings and evenings of reflection once a month (as well as a weekend silent retreat next month). The morning ones are at Our Lady of Walsingham in the Memorial area and the evening ones are usually in Spring.

I think Opus Dei hosts them at St. Vincent de Paul, a little more central for you!

B-Mama said...

I am hoping to catch my first evening of reflection soon... sounds like they are well worth the time and energy getting there!

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