Friday, October 19, 2007

Thoughts on Thursday

Thankfully, it's over. And I should be in bed. We have an outdoor field trip, a birthday party (added to the agenda today), and a baby shower tomorrow...well, today! But alas, blogging invites...

I survived the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I somehow managed to get the girls and I to the OB office at 8am and didn't get too nauseated drinking the orange sugar solution. We spent most of the 3 hours between blood draws in the hospital where Peter will arrive, which is right next to the doctor office. We walked around, I pre-registered for the delivery, we watched PBS in the L&D waiting room, visited the cafeteria a few times, and also enjoyed the gift stores! The girls did amazingly well and I'm glad I didn't beg someone else to watch them. They kept my mind off my hunger!

While in the hospital gift shop, I got a nice idea for something to make for the other moms being honored at the baby shower tonight. So after my last blood draw and lunch, we ventured to the 99 Cent store to get a few things (with only 2 trips to the restroom, one for a dirty diaper I had to change on the floor as Mary Clare got her finger stuck in the door!). Then later this evening after a successful tutoring session and Mexican food with my parents, we continued on to Michael's and Wal-Mart to get the rest of the supplies needed to make my gifts. They still have a little more work to go (and need of one other supply, argh), but were mostly finished between 10pm and 1am tonight! I'll post pics after the shower, but for now I better stop blog-browsing and allow my droopy eyelids a rest. The week is almost over!


Colleen said...


Is this a normal week for you? I don't think that I do a quarter of the things that you get done in a week. And you are pregnant! I hope you're busy Friday goes well!

Jill said...

You could make an alliteration out of your blog- Blair's Busy Blessings!

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