Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wild Wednesday!

Well, I thought it was going to be a nice, calm day. I had such a nice reflection last night and was sure I'd be able to keep myself off the internet and have a productive day with the girls....Well...

It started off okay, but as soon as the time started approaching to leave for my one appointment of the day, chaos broke loose! The girls had been in and out of the house all morning, playing in the backyard. As I dressed myself and started packing up, I realized that Ellie had once again gotten into the Ovaltine chocolate powder...chocolate on her face, fingers, and all over her shirt! She refused to take the shirt off, so I had to do it with her kicking and screaming. Meanwhile, Mary Clare had changed her wet pants (since the backyard was wet after a rainfall that I never noticed), but she still had on a muddy shirt. Then she put on a shirt with a big stain around the neck. It took a few minutes to finally get her to put on another shirt, which would not have been my choice of attire (short skirt and sleeveless shirt hand-me-downs), but they would have to do for today. Ellie, on the other hand, was now screaming up a storm, throwing a fit on the floor about the shirt I took off of her. I thought she would be excited--our meeting was at McDonald's--but instead she retreated to the closet, screaming and crying and refusing to come out.

Also at the same time, I was trying to make myself a somewhat healthy toasted sandwich, since I have my final glucose test in the morning and didn't think McDonald's would be a good choice of lunch. So the girls were also whining and crying for food, watching me eat my own lunch. And finally, the shoes. Well, their shoes of choice (Ellie's beloved turquoise flip flops and Mary Clare's hot pink sequined flip flops) were wet and dirty in the backyard, so I threw the girls into the car and went back into the house to locate some possible shoe options. White glitter flip flops would have to do for Mary Clare (why doesn't she like those again?), and Ellie would wear her sandals. But of course fussing ensued when they saw my chosen shoes. Oh well. Mary Clare refused to wear them into McD's, she would only hold them. Ellie did put on the sandals but insisted on doing it herself. She also at some point allowed me to change her shirt, amazingly!

The meeting was productive and one of my sweet girls did fall asleep on the way home. Mommy got a nice nap too! But the early evening proved to be just as challenging as the girls continued in and out of the yard all evening, got attacked by mosquitoes, were forced into the bathtub, and later escaped again to the backyard with Mary Clare wearing long sleeves, jeans and sandals in the heat ("so the mosquitos won't bite me") and Ellie was totally naked climbing on the swings and fort.

Well, Steven arrived for dinner and did some homeschooling with Mary Clare, one of those things that has been way on the backburner these crazy days...thanks, honey! These last 2 days of the week should prove to be just as exciting, with my 3-hour glucose test in the morning (yeah, WITH the girls), my tutoring job, my husband out of town, a field trip to a farm out of the city, and a big group baby shower for all the moms in the homeschool group (any creative gift ideas for 7 other moms?).

But there was one very productive thing I did today (aside from a short prayer time and my meeting at McDonald's). And that was that I found the item that was smelling up our refrigerator...2 week old raw shrimp! Yum! And it looks like I may have 2 children asleep before 11pm, way to go me!

Aren't you looking forward to Thursday's post???


Em said...

I am so looking forward to Thurdsday's post (and hoping your glucose test comes back negative!)
You know what is a really great, inexpensive baby gift.... a regular towel and two washcloths sewn together in the middle and attached to the towel like a hood. Lillian knows how to do it.... because that's where we got ours from. Ours are nearly in shreds as they have been used for nearly every kid bath for 6 years, and because when Nathan turned 3 or so he started using them as play capes(on a different note.... I think I may do a similar thing for Christmas and make the kids a ton of play capes).
I don't sew (I hate to sew) but the towels look really easy.
Oh, and they work way better than the teeny, thin baby towels available in stores. Just an idea if you have to provide 7 gifts (am I reading that right?)..... that could get REALLY pricey!

Roxanna said...

I'm SO looking forward to thursday post too! Haha I love your long posts. They keep me entertained when class is boring =P

Lillian said...

Oh Blair! My heart goes out to you. Girls can be so picky with their shoes, skirts, hair accessories, purses, etc. Wait until Peter comes along. You won't believe how easy it is to dress him. He'll own two pairs of shoes (sandals and tennis) and they will match everything!! And every top will match every bottom. And he won't care how he looks!

As for presents, in the past I've gone to Sam's and gotten each baby a baby book. If you have time to be creative you can decorate onesies with saint iron-on or even write some pro-life verse with fabric marker. Or decorate cloth diapers with some ribbon or rick-rack to make a home made burp cloth.

Or you can always give each mom a package of diapers or wipes. Those are always handy. Keep it small. Each mom will be getting so much from all the other moms that together it turns into one, big present.

I wish I could be there!! I almost thought about it but .....

I'll be keeping you in my prayers tomorrow. Just know that you (and ALL mommies) are covered in my 1st decade!!!

Jill said...

Wild Wednesday indeed. Why does that sound so familiar to my daughter. Like Lillian said, Peter will be much easier. My boys haven't even the slightest interest in learning to dress themselves. Whereas my daughter was already changing three times a day at that age!
Mmmmm...what will Thursday be?
Theatrical Thursday?
Thoughtful Thursday?
Thrilling Thrusday?

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