Wednesday, October 03, 2007


To my brother Brice and sister-in-law Allison who just found out that their baby due in February is a little GIRL! We love little girls in this family and I'm sure Mary Clare and Ellie will be glad to have a baby girl cousin to love on...since their other baby cousins and baby brother are boys! Please say a little prayer for Brice and Allison...he just returned from a Naval trip and will be going out early next year, hopefully after little Addison arrives!

We've had a busy week getting ready for our 2nd First Friday class (talking about St. Therese and sacrifice), plus several other meetings, house guests, and other outings going on. Nighttimes have been a little interesting...we've been playing "musical beds" all night long! Hopefully the girls will get used to their new room soon...and I'm about ready to start fixing up their brother's room next-door!

More later...back to First Friday nametags for now. Have a great night, everyone!

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