Friday, October 05, 2007

A Birthday for Peter? (edit: Steven Joseph!)

This morning (well yesterday, since it's after midnight...I took a 2 hr nap today!) I had my 28 week appointment. It went well, the staff loves the girls and got a big kick out of Mary Clare today because she had her baby doll in her child-sized sling! I got to ask some important questions, one of which was about the date of his arrival. We are going to try for December 20th! It's my mom's birthday, thankfully she's excited about sharing it, and it will allow for Steven to take a couple days off work combined with the Monday and Tuesday he'll have off for Christmas.

Edited to add that I guess I haven't mentioned much on my blog about my deliveries. Both the girls were overdue and I labored for ~38 hours and ~22 hours, including ~3 hours of pushing for Ellie. BUT both of them ended up being cesarean deliveries for a myriad of reasons. Maybe one day I'll write out the birth stories, but for now it's still very emotional for me to relive. Peter's delivery will be a scheduled c-section, unless he puts me into labor beforehand (and then I'd have the c-section at that point). For the most part, I'm very at-peace with it all...I can't believe the relief I have compared to the pregnancy with Ellie and all the unknowns! God knows what I can handle...and I don't think it's another trial of labor ;-/
I'm a little bummed about delivering so close to Christmas without much time to recover. Hopefully there won't be complications and I'll be home before Christmas Eve! But we want to be sure he is full-term and since the dating on my first ultrasound was a little off, we're going to try to wait until he's a full 39 weeks. That is, if he doesn't put me into labor before then. Unlike my pregnancies with the girls, I'm having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions this time, which are making me think that he may be more likely to arrive a little early. We'll see what happens!

We also plan to have him baptized at around a week old (the girls were both 7 days), so hopefully we can at least get some family over for that! Still trying to figure out the details for the baptism though, since it's a very difficult time for priests with holiday schedules. Hopefully it will all fall into place!

I'll have to start Christmas shopping soon and am really looking forward to decorating a nursery. We have never had a nursery before since we were in small apartments and have always co-slept. But I think it might be nice to have a crib and a dresser at least...for all those clothes I've been given that have no place to be stored at the moment!

So no more than 11 weeks to seems so soon when I look at it that that we are in OCTOBER! We are looking forward to our 2nd First Friday class tomorrow and a weekend full of family fun including a ballet, a birthday, and a picnic! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too :)


Celeste Creates said...

It will work out great! My oldest was born on December 23rd. I wouldnt have planned it that way, but that is how it went. I tell you what. The hospital is pretty quiet then. Not many people having babies around Christmas. Many blessings!!!!

Kristen said...

How exciting...but do you have to induce or something? Just wondering why you are "scheduling" his arrival. :-) That is great about the baptisms too. Ours were both around 8 weeks because it is so difficult to schedule here during football season (which we are avoiding with this baby, yay!!!)

Blair said...

I meant to add on my post, that both the girls ended up being c-sections (after very long difficult labors where I got to 10cm and pushing), so this one will be a scheduled cesarean.

K said...

My oldest was born on the 20th. It was wonderful to be home, nursing my new gift from God over the Christmas holidays. Plan to get lots of rest and snuggle time with your sweet Christmas present.

Em said...

Blair, you are a total trooper to go through 3 c-sections.... wow... you have my total respect! I am so glad that this one is going to be better for you.... I can imagine that it is so much nicer to know what to expect this time around without going through the disappointment (after expecting or hoping for a vaginal delivery) and tough labor again. I can't believe you are almost through.... it seems like just yesterday you announced you were expecting. Continued prayers from us !

Kristen said...

I figured it was something like that...we will pray for a safe birth for him. I enjoy the excitement and suspense of waiting for a baby, but there is definitely something to be said for knowing the date and being able to plan a little...enjoy it! :-)

B-Mama said...

Blair, wonderful news about the scheduled arrival for Peter! Just think, by having him near Christmas, you'll have the chance to intimately share in Mary's experience delivering Christ. Pretty awesome! So glad for you... Blessings, B

Mom of boys said...

As you know, labor and then c sections is tough! I am happy to say that a scheduled c section is much easier!

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