Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mommy-Daughter Date Night

I had planned for a few weeks to attend a ballet performance last night with the girls and some friends. But after the busy First Friday morning, the afternoon at the park, the lack of naps, the sick husband home from work, and most importantly, the RAIN (the performance was at an outdoor pavillion)...I was convinced that our evening plans would have to change.

Steven offered to watch Ellie while I took Mary Clare, but the rain was still falling at the time we planned to leave. I decided we would drive around, try to get Ellie to sleep, and see what happened with the weather. It was still sprinkling as I dropped the sleeping Ellie off with Steven and thought I would just take Mary Clare to the mall. But as I drove a little farther, I realized that the rain had stopped, and why not try the ballet? It had only started a few minutes before!

We drove around the parking garage for a long while, only finding spots for "small cars only". Finally a place opened up and we got our towel and bag and ran across the street. What a beautiful evening! The ballet was 3 different acts, all with a rather modern slant. I enjoyed the second one which was called "Hush" and the dancers appeared to be in a dream, one song being a version of "Hush Little Baby" and the last being a hoedown song. By the end, Mary Clare was dancing all around the grassy hill where we sat and I wish I could've video taped her precious moves! The third act was about a little boy encountering all sorts of animals at a museum. It was very entertaining!

We visited with some friends during the first intermission and I showed her the orchestra pit during the second one. By the end of the third act, she was nearly asleep on my leg, so we slipped out a little early and she fell asleep almost as soon as we hit the road for our quick five minute drive home. It made me so thankful to live in an area with so many opportunities and activities just minutes away! And so thankful to have a fun evening with my sweet little girl!

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