Saturday, September 29, 2007

Family Birthdays

It really is a blessing to live in the same city as both our parents and 4 of Steven's siblings. It makes for fun holidays and great birthday celebrations! Today we celebrated the birthdays of 3 of the 10 cousins who live in town. It was at one of those indoor inflatable party places and the kids had a blast!

Mary Clare got right down to business! We would see just her pigtails whiz by...

Ellie on the other hand was very apprehensive and wouldn't get in the moonwalk until I sat in there with her. It's a little nauseating though to sit in one of those things with kids jumping all around you and being pregnant! Finally after a few minutes she started venturing in there alone.

Ellie is our cleanly girl...she doesn't like her hands or feet to be dirty and wouldn't touch the cupcake. She would only lean over and lick it!

Mary Clare actually using a fork. She has been wanting to eat with her hands a lot these days so I was really proud that she found herself a fork for the cupcake!

Happy Birthday to Emily, Andrew, and Caleb!!! We are so thankful to be a part of your family :)

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