Monday, September 03, 2007

A Happy Labor Day!

I hope your Labor Day was a happy one!
It was a happy day because Daddy didn't have to go to work!
It was a happy day because our dog Timber was found after being lost overnight!
It was a happy drive across town with two napping girls, listening to an old Jars of Clay CD.
It was a happy afternoon sharing the holiday with Steven's family!
It was a happy time eating yummy fruit, chips & salsa, barbecue, German chocolate cake, and ice cream!
It was a happy half hour visiting the triplets, who are 9 months and absolutely adorable!
It was a happy experience playing the guitar and singing with all the kids (my girls and 5 nieces and nephews).
It was happy hearing the echoes of loud toddler voices (and screams and cries) throughout my in-laws' house.
It was happy realizing that next year there will not be just 7 voices, but 11 voices with the triplets and our little Peter added to the mix of under 7 yr-old cousins in the area!
It was a happy birthday celebration for Steven.
It was a happy drive home with two sleeping girls.
And it is a happy night spending my quiet time at the computer eating popcorn and lemonade!

Some pictures from today...

My father-in-law's flag collection. Each of his children and grandchildren have a flag that he hangs on the porch when the family comes to visit. They are always a bright and shining reminder of the joy of family! Mary Clare's is the spirally fish one and Ellie's is appropriately the flip-flop spiral one (before her flip-flop obsession!), Steven's sister made him an Aggie one, and me...well, all the "non-relatives" share the outlaw pirate flag!

Cousins! The oldest just started Kindergarten, so here she is reading to the others

One way to get 7 young children to sit down for more than 20 seconds...cake and Kool-Aid!

What the men do best...watching and talking sports and news!

And "The Brothers" (our triplet nephews) down the street...Cooper


and Joshua!

Are they not the cutest? And such flirts! They make me so anxious to meet our little boy! Hopefully in 2008 they'll all be partying with the family!

A Happy Labor Day to you all! I can't believe September is already here!

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