Thursday, September 06, 2007

Today's Mass

What a special morning for Northwoods Catholic school (where I used to teach)! Fr. Alvaro Corcuera, General Director of Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ, made his first visit to the school, and is also here to form the first community of full-time Legionary priests and Brothers in Houston. Up until now, we shared our Legionary priests with other Texas cities (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio), so it is a true blessing to have these priests here to serve the laypeople full-time. They give spiritual direction to dozens, retreats to hundreds, advising all the different Regnum Christi programs (from schools, to youth groups, to missions) and help where needed around the archdiocese, providing the sacraments.

Here are a few pictures of Father greeting the people. The students lined the sidewalk and the entry to the school and chanted and clapped for Father as he entered. He shook hands with every student and almost every person he passed by (Mary Clare got a blessing). It was wonderful to see so many friends from the school and from Regnum Christi. It was a true gift to have this shepherd of tens of thousands of Catholics here as a representative from Rome, also sending greetings from our dear founder Fr. Maciel and sharing a story about our Holy Father Pope Benedict. It will be a treasured memory.

Signing a picture for one of my old students

Preparing for Mass, lots of priests!

Father looks up with a grin

Recessional after mass, also some of my students are altar servers now!

And greeting people as he exits

May his ministry be blessed. And may we, as the Gospel invited us today, and Father spoke about, put our nets out into the deep!


Jill said...

I forgot if I already asked you this, but how did you get involved in the Regnum Christi group? I was wondering if there was a group in my area and was wondering how you found out about it.

Mrs. G said...

wow! It's cool that you got to meet him!

Blair said...

Jill-I learned about Regnum Christi through teaching at the Legionary School here. I joined about 3 years ago. If you want to email me: blairandsteven AT yahoo, I can see if I can find out if there's one in your area. If there are any programs like Familia, Splendor of Love, K4J, Challenge girls clubs, etc, then there are probably Regnum Christi groups in your area. It's really a beautiful lay movement that has strengthened me in my faith, my vocation, and my prayer life immensely!

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