Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some Reminders to Self:

~If you set an alarm to wake up before the children, you must not turn it off and fall back asleep every day. This defeats the point of the alarm clock.

~Let children fall asleep for naptime, then take your own nap. Otherwise said children might just not fall asleep and you could find them rummaging in the refrigerator while you wake up watching Barney.

~Do not take young children to the library at naptime. Toddler will have several crying fits and children just might press the handicapped door button and escape out the front door while you are checking out.

(I'm sure I'll remember more later today...)


Clarissa said...

Oh Blair!!!! I don't have kids yet, but I have so much trouble with the first one! :) On average I hit the snooze button about 5 or 6 times!!!

Anonymous said...

This is my first attempt ever to comment on anyone's blog so we'll see if it works...

Blair, your post helped me feel better that I am not the only mother who can fall asleep before her preschooler and toddler do. Yesterday afternoon Joseph woke me to say that MaryKatherine had gotten an ink pen and drew on my leg --from my ankle up to my knee! I managed to snore through the whole art project (but I now have an interesting tattoo).
Beverly :)

Shelly said...

Yeah, butchya know...It's so hard when your pregnant too! It's too easy to roll over and snuggle with your bambino!
the same thing happened to me this morning, and I'm *not* pregnant [I don't think!]

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