Friday, September 07, 2007

First Friday

Our First Friday class finally came! I've been mentioning it for awhile but maybe never explained what our homeschool group does. We meet at the local parish and have activities for all the different age groups...Jr High/High School, elementary (Little Flowers and Blue Knights), preschool pray and play (my group) and a nursery.

I had 15 children in the class today and lots of parent helpers. It went so smoothly! All the preparations paid off...after our chaotic times during the spring semester (I think I mentioned children climbing walls, running wild, trying to escape, etc) it was really refreshing to have a nice calm class! We talked about Jesus' love for children, did two different cross crafts, had guitar singing time, and did all the first-time things like making nametags and putting binders together.

Here are the girls:
Not sure about this smile?

Ellie was so proud to make a little foam cross craft, she finally agreed to have her picture taken!

Afterwards, the homeschool group had a birthday party for Our Lady at the park (Mary's Nativity is tomorrow). We made a rosary out of cupcakes, sang happy birthday, and then chowed down! It was SO hot though, we won't be back at the park in the afternoon for awhile! But it was a joyous day and we are so thankful for our wonderful Catholic homeschool group!

The girls admiring the cupcake rosary


Colleen said...

I'm so glad that it went to well! I wish that I had a teacher like you when I was a preschooler!

Anonymous said...

Blair - what a yummy rosary! I'm sure Our Lady was smiling upon your group! :)

Kristen Laurence said...

That's beautiful, Blair. Thank you so much for sharing it!

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