Monday, September 24, 2007


and birthday cake make for a fun Sunday evening!

We had our longest bikeride yet yesterday. I was worried that Mary Clare wouldn't make it back and one of us would have to go home for the car. But she persevered in our adventure to a park in a nearby neighborhood! Way to go, MC! I'm also glad we're getting some family exercise this week, with all the sweets I've been eating ;)


Colleen said...

I showed the videos of Mary Clare riding her bike to Jonathan and then a couple of days ago I asked him if he wanted to ride his bike. He jumped right on and rode around the block (with training wheels, of course)!! Thanks, Mary Clare, for inspiring Jonathan to get back on his bike!

B-Mama said...

Love MC's adorable jumper! What a cutie. Thanks so much for your prayers, Blair. God bless, B

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