Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Steven!

Hope you have a super-duper day! We love you!
~Your girls, and Peter ;)

We'll be offering Daddy our busy day of doctor appointment (24 weeks!), Mass with Fr. Alvaro (yay!), lunch meeting with my Regnum Christi team, shopping for the final First Friday things, and printing up a storm this afternoon. It was a long night of Ellie's sniffles, so hopefully she's in good spirits this morning and we can all get a little rest this afternoon. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

1 comment:

Lillian said...

Happy Birthday Steven!!! If you don't get your gift from us it probably got lost in the mail! LOL! ;-)

Blair, you sound busy!! I got tired just hearing about your day! LOL! Have fun being about!

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