Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A visit in pictures

We had a great time with our friends the past two days. We are still getting used to a quiet house!

Upon arrival...the Aggie gang!

Our "Visitation"! Veronica due January, Blair due in December...the first time we've been pregnant together, and both with boys!

Who says boys can't play with dollhouses? Enriquito and Ellie:

Ellie and Gerardito playing with dollhouse stuff, although he does hold a toy knife in this pic! Ellie called him "that boy" for awhile and finally started calling him "Patito" instead of Palito (nickname from his brother for Gerardo Juan Pablo) the 2nd day. I told them I guess "little duck"(patito) might be better than "little stick"(palito)!

Getting a ride on Enrique:

Our homeschool supplies got lots of use!

A visit from Tia Marie and her little sweetheart:

Watercolors this morning. Notice Ellie painting her lips!

And a few books before they left...(Mary Clare said her favorite part of their visit was reading books together :)

We are really going to miss them over the coming months, especially as their little Fernando arrives. At least we get to see each other on the blogs and still get to talk on the phone thanks to their Vonage line!

It's really amazing how two families...with different backgrounds, children speaking different languages, different ages, different sexes, with different discipline techniques, and even different diets (we have a lot to learn on those last two items!)...with the one person, God, bringing us together...can be so close and seem to have so much in common! We are really blessed to share this friendship and hope it continues to grow over the years, the miles (or oceans) and the children. God bless you, G family! We love you all!


Colleen said...

You and Veronica look so beautiful! How fun to be pregnant together!

Mrs. G said...

YAY! I'm glad you had a great time. =)

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