Monday, May 03, 2010

That heartbeat

it gets me every time! I love the swoosh, swoosh of the doppler device and especially love knowing that this little 17 week-old baby is moving and growing inside! Three more weeks until the big ultrasound where we plan to refrain from learning the big news. That surprise is going to be so much fun! My OB said they actually waited to find out with their 4th child too :)

And all the mommy concerns were laid to rest. Just this old body of mine that is keeping me on my toes with all sorts of random issues from pain to lumps to....well I'll spare you the details! But I was glad that my concerns with the nurse brought an immediate appointment with the doctor, who I wasn't supposed to see today. It's always nice to be reassured from the "horse's mouth." And the kids did great overall; thanks for your prayers.

And once again, I'll grace you with the iPhonePhuzzyPhotos for today!

The kids getting nice and rowdy in the waiting room. I kept trying to get SJ to settle down, while an older lady in the room kept telling me just to leave him alone and let him have fun!

"Roll the ball. Don't throw it."

Mary Clare just sat like a little lady reading magazines and watching the medical infomercials.

They got a little restless in the exam room. I just hope we didn't leave some kind of mark like crayon on the walls or toys in the dressing area!

My little cuties with their popsicles on the way to swim team practice.

A good Monday for Mama. Let's see if I can keep it up! We have the dishwasher running, the living and school rooms tidied, and the vacuum working again! Focusing on baby steps...

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