Monday, May 17, 2010

First Swim Meet, May 15

This first photo wasn't at the swim meet, but was too cute of Steven Joseph in his "wunning shirt" with his baseball and glove. How he spends days at swim practice and swim meets!

The girls and their friends hiding from the rain under their towels!

Ellie before her one event, 6 & under freestyle. She looks a little nervous here!

Mary Clare, so chilly on this rainy swim meet day.

Stevie in one of the few moments I wasn't chasing him around the swim meet. Reminder for next week: BRING THE STROLLER! Daddy was a timer for 3 hours and I was exhausted after chasing this guy around!

I couldn't keep him out of the water! His socks and shoes were soaking wet when we got home!

Ellie waiting for her turn!

Ellie with her ribbon, so proud to make it across the pool! She says she wants to swim backstroke next week, even though she doesn't know how to do it! She just wants to be in another event.

Mary Clare getting ready to dive in for freestyle! I didn't get a photo of her backstroke, but she won 1st place in her heat! (Last year she didn't know how to swim backstroke either)

My two littles with their ring pops! This was probably their favorite part of the meet, LOL!

All in all, it was a long and wet, but fun morning. We look forward to the coming weeks of swim meets!


Melissa D. said...

it brings back such fond fond memories. I actually had a good friend who swam for shenandoah, KK, is what she went by. The kids look precious, and I bet you were totally exhausted!

Erin said...

Swim meets are so much fun! At least at the start of the season :)

Sean & Bobbie said...

Great pics, Blair! Thanks for posting. Your kids are so cute! :D

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