Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Update!

Yesterday was my 20-week ultrasound and OB appointment. Actually it was scheduled for Monday, but while we were all getting ready and coordinating a pick-up of NeNe to help with the kids at the doctor office, I got a phone call that my appointment would need to be rescheduled.

So yesterday morning after picking up my mom, we arrived at the appointment early and got in quickly to see our beautiful baby! I was worried I'd accidentally see something that might reveal the gender, but the tech did a wonderful job staying on the top part of the body. At one point she needed to measure the thigh, and told us to turn away. I was so proud of Mary Clare, who really wants to know but went and hid in the dressing area so as to not peek at the screen.

Everything looked great! We saw Baby waving at us, giving us a thumbs-up and praying hands, sticking his/her tongue out and swallowing, and with all body parts looking good and healthy! Baby measured about 3 days bigger than my current due date of October 12th, so that was encouraging. Mary Clare was watching it all, Ellie was a little bit distracted, and poor Stevie only wanted to crawl up and down the rolling stool in the room. When I'd ask him about the baby, he'd comment that "Baby take my toys." (His biggest worry about his new sibling!) Daddy and I are guessing it's a girl, but most others think it's a boy. We're still discussing names and I think we'll end up waiting to fully decide until after he/she's born, especially after the Peter name fiasco with Steven Joseph!

I had a nice appointment with the doctor while the kids played and talked in the waiting room. Then we were off for a fun afternoon shopping and eating with NeNe, followed by swim practice and an evening with Daddy. But aside from my beautiful baby, the other highlight of the day was "My Maria." Do you remember that song by Brooks & Dunn? "I've been longing to see her, when she's around she takes my blues away...she's a miracle work for me..."

So I've shared about the horrible state of my home for awhile now. I just can't keep up with the housework and it was time to bring in some professional help. I came home from our day away to find a "miracle" in the house. I've never seen it so clean before! And it's been a wonderful feeling to know that there aren't some huge cleaning projects that I need to get to. I can't explain the relief that I feel having that help with the house cleaning. I can focus on the kids, homeschooling plans, and letting myself rest. What a gift My Maria was to me yesterday!

But of course the greatest gift of yesterday was seeing this precious little one looking healthy and well inside of me. I've had so many worries with this pregnancy; I think with each child I recognize more and more the miracle these little lives are...and worry that something serious is lurking around the corner. So every time I hear positive words from the doctor, nurses, and ultrasound tech, it just makes me thankful to have carried this new little blessing for 20 weeks. I hope he/she will stay put and complications will stay away for almost 20 more! Thanks be to God for the gift of new life.


Unknown said...

I definitely see a resemblance to Mary Clare! Congrats on a good ultrasound...And a nice, clean home!

Amy Parris said...

It's been awhile since I've checked in so congratulations on your pregnancy. I love the 3D pictures. I never got to have any of those. I pray all goes peacefully for you.

Our fourth one was our best baby so far! Hope the same is true for you.

MolleenCarie said...

I am in awe of you for really not finding out the gender. Baby looks so sweet.

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